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elearning success summit by lmspulse, an Open LMS Company (formerly is a fast-growing and influential outlet for news, discussions, reviews and tutorials about the technologies that make up successful eLearning systems. We are the go-to, independent authority site for all things Learning Management Systems (LMS).

For over a decade, we have helped hundreds of thousands of users make informed decisions, find solutions to technological, pedagogical and design challenges; and connect them with world-class providers of product and services. Our longstanding relationships with companies including the world’s top Moodle and Totara Partner and Integrators is a testament to the value of our results.

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The top players of the “LMS Space Race” joined our

The eLearning Success Summit

Results from the Second eLearning Success Summit

  • 8,300 attendees
  • 75 speakers, 3 days of content worth
  • 10 sponsors
  • Over 500k Facebook engagements

Our Audience Growth Monthly growth, year-on-year (April 2020)
Email list monthly growth rate (July 2020)
  • Average 40k monthly visitors per month
  • Top audiences
    • United States (15%)
    • UK, Canada, Australia (12%)
    • India (7%)
    • Spain (4.3%)
    • Indonesia (3.5%)
    • Germany (3%)
    • Brazil (3%)
  • Fastest growing audiences:
    • India
    • Philippines
    • Indonesia
    • Mexico
    • Australia
    • Brazil
  • Demographics
    • IT Professionals & Instructional Designers
    • Mid to High income
    • Passionate about technology, social causes, open source
    • Early adopter

Services Overview

eLearning Podcast Advertising

The eLearning Podcast is your go-to resource for creating successful learner outcomes. Whether you’re an instructor, an eLearner, a parent supporting an eLearner, a content creator or just an eLearning enthusiast, our episodes provide the latest strategies, practices and technologies for supporting, engaging and retaining students… both on and off line!

Banner Ads (Website & Newsletter)

  • Increase awareness of your brand or product on a highly targeted venue
  • Get regular stats on performance and suggestion on optimizing your spending
  • Test, learn and adjust your strategy quickly and in close, personal consultation
  • Site-wide and Topic-Based Placements

Email Marketing

Get complete control of who gets your message, and granular data on how they respond to it.

  • Funnels & Automation
  • A\B Testing
  • Profile & Behavioral Segmentation
  • In-message Personalization & Conditional Content
  • Re-engagement with Social Media Ads

We can help you build a campaign that provides complete control and many options (Source: ActiveCampaign)

Content Marketing Consulting

We can assist you in every step of the funnel to ensure you increase the odds of effectiveness at every turn. We love data and controlled variables, as much as the opportunity of telling your unique story.

Virtual Summit services

Brand Foundation & Design
Logo concepts, color and font palettes, signature aesthetic, photo curation
Marketing-Ready Web Development
Landing, Sales, Sesion and Calendar Pages
Support, User Agreements
Email Sequence Automation
CRM-based sequence design and optimization for leads, conversions
Video Production & Editing
Basic editing, Branding, Teasers, Thumbnails
Production & Content Development Support
Topic and Sub-topic prospection, High-Profile speaker identification and outreach strategy
Facebook Ads Marketing Service
Lookalike Audiences, Facebook Business Account Management, Optimization, Pixel
Promotional Art & Copy
Interview, Copytesting, Website and Social Media Graphics, Lead Magnet Design
High-Conversion Swipe Files
Comprehensive artwork for the Summit, Topics, Speakers, etc
Affiliate Program Development
Rules of engagement, Automations, Rate optimization

Partnerships and Revenue Models

We are open to innovate in the way we deliver results. We are open to evaluate risk-revenue sharing agreements. We are looking forward to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that lead us to cover new grounds.

Possible models include:

Team & Community


Stephen Ladek, Director. Entrepreneur, educator and partner in Stephen both writes and edits for the site, represents LMS Pulse around the world and ensures the community always has the most relevant and engaging content. Stephen also practices what he preaches as an Adjunct Instructor at The American University in Washington, D.C.

Cristian Duque

Cristian T. Duque, Editor in Chief & Partnerships Manager. Economist with a decade of experience in project management, marketing research, financial modeling and digital strategies. 5 years of experience in IT & SaaS in education. FOSS advocate.

Joseph Thibault

Joseph Thibault, Founder, Contributor & Consulting Editor. Product manager of elearning solutions, and developer of academic services.

Our Promotional Partner Community Includes:

  • eThink Education
  • Moonami
  • eCreators
  • Titus (formerly Titus Learning)
  • Synergy Learning
  • Lingel Learning
  • Eummena
  • Edu Labs
  • Enovation
  • My Learning Consultants
  • Wiris, creators of MathType
  • Elearning Experts
  • Edwiser by Wisdmlabs
  • IntelliBoard and IntelliCart
  • and
  • Blindside Networks, developers of BigBlueButton
  • Poodll — Smart tools for speaking practice
  • OpenLMS
  • Ouriginal
  • Lambda Solutions
  • Unicheck
  • Remote Learner
  • eAbyas
  • D2L, creators of Brightspace LMS
  • Motrain — Motivation Design
  • Sakai LMS by Apereo

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