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AIL Encore November

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AIL Encore November

The Tools Of Today

We’ve been using AI tools like smart speakers for years, but the explosion of generative tools like Chat GPT have put the power of AI in the hands of everyone. The speakers and resources for this session discuss how we can leverage these tools to create and manage learning, today.

AIL Encore November

Natalie Monboit

Head Of Strategy, Hour One

How AI video and virtual twins are personalizing and scaling on-demand learning

Natalie explains and demonstrates how Hour One is allowing educators to scale their delivery with virtual twins.

michael vaughn
AIL Encore November

Michael Vaughn

Education & Adoption Specialist, Open LMS

The rise of AI and ChatGPT in L&D: Opportunities and Challenges

Michael delivers an overview of the current state of play, considerations for use in your practice and pitfalls of which we all need to be aware.

Vince Han

Vince Han

Founder & CEO, Mobile Coach

Adding value to AI with rules based chatbots

Vince gives us a deep dive into how AI can improve and evolve the de facto interface for AI agents.

AIL Encore November

Pascal Rosenberger

Co-Founder & CEO,

Boost knowledge retention and engagement with AI-powered microlearning

Pascal considers how we can introduce AI into current standard microlearning practices, as well as create potential new opportunities. 

AIL Encore November

Lena Dorogenskaya

Founder, Unschooler

Transforming a learning marketplace into an AI upskilling platform for companies

Lena demonstrates how Unschooler arrived at a marketplace perspective to upskilling by way of AI, showing we can put next-gen tools to work for more radical use cases that focus on learner empowerment, agency, and choice.

AIL Encore November

Tom Lee

Co-Founder, LOVO

AI-ducation: Focus on teaching — AI will do the rest

Tom provides an optimistic call for educators around the world, chock-full of ideas to make teaching and the education profession much more efficient, enjoyable, and valuable for all.

AIL Encore November

Tristia Hennessey

Lead Instructional Designer, Evolve Solutions Group

AI tools to streamline training development

Tristia gives an in-depth review of several AI tools she is already using for her award-winning work in learning design.

Bianca Raby

Bianca Raby

Founder and CEO, Oppida

AI for Learning Design

Bianca provides an overview of several AI tools she is already using with clients for creating impactful learning.

AIL Encore November

Mario Cabral

CEO & Co-Founder of Engage, Co-Founder ScormHero & LearningStudioAI

How AI can impact the L&D department

Mario gives us his perspective about how AI is changing the L&D design and delivery process, with insights into what will be possible in the near future.

AIL Encore November

Edie Kirkman

VP, Digital of Focus Brands LLC

Uplevel your understanding around the world of AI

Edie provides a foundation for understanding how AI is entering the learning space and how you can participate.


The Near (and not so near) Future

The promise of how AI might change our lives continues to lie just around the corder. These presentations consider what will be (or might be) possible for learning professionals sooner than we think!

AIL Encore November
AIL Encore November

Ryan Baker & Rachel Liu

Professor & Student Researcher at University of Pennsylvania

Using ChatGPT as a Teaching Assistant

Ryan and Rachel explain the challenges and successes of implementing ChatGPT as a teaching assistant in higher education.

AIL Encore November

Markus Bernhardt

Fellow of the Learning Performance Institute (LPI) and affiliated with organizations such as the Forbes Technology Council, the HBR Advisory Council, and the Learning Development Accelerator (LDA)

The Most Important Things To Understand About AI

Markus takes us through a framework that provides the questions we all should be asking about AI solutions and tools.

AIL Encore November

Joe Thibault

Founder, Cursive Technology

Writing's "show your work" moment: shifting from detection to proof of effort

Joe discusses and demonstrates a new method for pre-venting and detecting AI in authoring that can be implemented in any LMS.

AIL Encore November
AIL Encore November

Britt Andreatta

CEO, Brain Aware Training

The Future of Learning: Trends and Tools

A never-before-seen presentation by acclaimed learning executive and CEO of Brain Aware Training, Dr. Britt Andreatta, opens our second day with a look at possible AI implications from the learner (and the learner brain) perspective.

Swagata Ashwani

Swagata Ashwani

Senior Data Scientist @Boomi | Chapter Lead @Women in Data

Customizing GPT models for domain specific NLP tasks: Techniques for fine tuning and adapting

Swagata shows us how to create a customized AI powered chatbot in less than 20 minutes!

AIL Encore November

Chad Udell

Chief Strategy Officer, SparkLearn

Considerations for collaborating with an AI for learning

Chad invites us to explore the full range of ramifications of AI into organizations, strategy, and business development.

AIL Encore November

Bodo Hoenen

Co-Founder & U.S. CEO, NOLEJ

Three foundational technologies for the future of learning

Bodo gives us a compelling reason to consider AI in learning via an easy-to-follow overview of three key technologies that have the potential to shape how learning will work in the future.

AIL Encore November

Neil McGough

Chief Product Officer, Learnosity

AI in Assessments: Paving the way for positive disruption

Neil discusses what is likely the most urgent implication of generative AI in education. Is there really a way forward that addresses issues like originality, plagiarism, detection, and prevention?

Karie Willyerd
AIL Encore November

Karie Willyerd

Chief Customer Strategy Officer, GP Strategies

How to think like a futurist

Karie presents her expert framework on predicting  upcoming threats and opportunities brought by technology and macro events.

AIL Encore November

German Rojas

Director, Global Consulting Services, Open LMS

Personalized education in the age of AI: The education of the future today

German delivers his vision for the future of education empowered and enhanced by AI.


The Challenges

Data privacy, authentic materials, citations, hallucinations… the list of things AI cannot or should not do is long. These talks focus on how should we approach these challenges, and anticipate future ones.

AIL Encore November

Allison Powell

Chief Academic Officer, Evergreen Education Group

How to personalize learning through AI

Allison brings her decades of experience to the stage to offer perspective about how we have the potential to personalize learning (especially in K-12) via AI.

AIL Encore November

Jon Fila

Award-winning educator, author and curriculum coordinator

Purpose and Plan: Transparency in AI Adoption

Jon walks us through his experience in the classroom, talking with boards of education and writing three books about AI in education.

AIL Encore November

Kerstin Frailey

Co-Founder & CEO |

Why a data-centric approach is critical to the future of AI in Education

A must-see presentation when Kerstin walks us through all of the reasons data is the be-all & end-all for all things AI.

AIL Encore November

Shouvik Paul

COO, Copyleaks

AI Generated Content: What It Means For Academic Integrity

Shouvik presents research conducted by Copyleaks about how AI is being used… and a vision for how we can embrace and adapt policy and practice for the future of Higher Ed.

AIL Encore November
AIL Encore November

Joe Pringle

Business Development Leader AI and Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Emerging themes: Generative AI in Education and EdTech

Joe delivers an AWS enterprise perspective on how generative AI is and will affect the learning space.

AIL Encore November
AIL Encore November

Kate Gromova

Co-Founder, Women in Digital Transformation

Edgar Aparicio

Senior Economist at the PIT Policy Lab

Preventing and mitigating gender bias in AI-based Early Alert Systems in Education

Kate and Edgar present their work and findings from a project focused on detecting bias in education data created by AI in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

AIL Encore November

Kelley Tenny

Founder & CEO, Teach Your Brilliance

The ethical use of AI in education

Kelly shares an informed, yet passionate look at the ethical predicaments and moral hazards we’re already dealing with in the learning space, but will only grow harder and more poignant.

AIL Encore November

Betsy Springer

Teacher & Instructional Coach, Gull Lake Virtual Partnership

AI in my classroom

Betsy brings us a vivid personal account of early adoption and early findings, along with a list of issues she’s faced with… and how she plans on continuing to evolve her practice.

AIL Encore November

Dr. Sarah Egan Warren

Teaching Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University Institute for Advanced Analytics

Beyond the evangelists and enemies: Thinking through AI in your classroom

Dr. Egan Warren presents a clear and structured way to approach how you will incorporate and consider AI in your class and institution.

AIL Encore November

Lilly Chen

Founder at Contenda

AI and Student Success in Higher Ed

Lilly discusses how higher ed institutions are, and will be, impacted by AI and offers thoughts about how to approach policy ad practice.

AIL Encore November
AIL Encore November

Dean Saunders

CEO of eCreators

Decrease the Social Distance

How and Why You Should Create a Cohesive Learning Ecosystem for Your Organization

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