ROI in Learning and ‘ROAI’: A Keep-It-Simple Approach

ROI in Learning and 'ROAI': A Keep-It-Simple Approach

It feels like we’re in the future, doesn’t it? We’re surrounded by incredible technologies, to the point we’ve grown used to them, if realize they exist, that is. Are learning and education also part of such groundbreaking future? Will students and teachers experience higher levels of engagement? Will leaders find paths for their communities to […]

LMS Multitenancy Guide — Why You Might Want It, And Best-Of-Breed Solutions

lms multitenancy

On its surface, LMS multitenancy or multi-tenancy is the ability to manage several instances (ehm, “Tenants”) of a system from a central place. In LMS terms, the multitenancy puzzle has 3 pieces: With these relatively simple elements, complex LMS setups are possible and only limited by the imagination. And the information architecture of the system, […]

6 Cool Theme Hacks For Your Moodle™ LMS


A small bounty of design goodness is hidden in plain sight on the forest that is the Moodle™ admin settings page. Check out the Theme Settings panel. Located at Site administration → Appearance → Themes → Theme settings it boasts a series of exciting features for theme designers at any point of their learning curve. […]

Meet The Global Certified Premium Moodle Partners

Meet The Global Certified Premium Moodle™ Partners

Updated on November, 2023 3ipuntSpain EummenaUnited Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine Moonami (Now Moodle US)U.S. TitusUK, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates Synergy LearningUK, Ireland, Germany My Learning Consultants (Now Moodle US)U.S. Catalyst ITAustalia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada EnovationFrance, Ireland, Poland AveticaBelgium, Netherlands Human Logic SoftwareUnited Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, […]

SCORM In Your LMS: A Dismal Relationship That May Last Forever

SCORM Chocolate Cupcake

Disponible en Español. A glimpse at the history of SCORM, starting along with the need for EdTech standardization, reveals a riveting tale. It might tell us something about its limitations, and the ways . It might also give us an idea of its future and how it will fare in the face of recent competition. […]

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals and SDG 4

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals and SDG 4

Imagine a world where every student has access to quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic status or location. This is the vision shared by the United Nations in its Sustainable Development Goal number 4 (SDG 4). Achieving this goal has proven challenging, particularly in underserved populations and low- and middle-income countries around the world.