Building a Learning Management System Project with Node.js

Building a Learning Management System Project with Node

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source, back-end JavaScript runtime environment. It works on the V8 engine and carries out JavaScript code outside a web browser. The primary objective of Node is to create extensible network applications. Sounds a little too foreign? What Node.js and the V8 engine mean is more speed and power for web-based eLearning […]

LMS and LXP: The Difference Explained


Modern learning delivered online should not be limited to a particular format or style. As a result, it should embrace a variety of approaches: Traditional and nontraditional, sociable and self-paced, pedagogic, androgogic and heutagogic; and so on. All of it should work together to produce a comprehensive, well-rounded experience that promotes long-term achievement. With so […]