‘Adaptable’ Theme, Adapted To Moodle 3.9

'Adaptable' Theme, Adapted To Moodle™ 3.9

 Updated on September 30, 2020. Adaptable theme for #moodle 3.6 – 3.9 released @_elearningworld @lmspulse @moodlethemes @moodledev @moodleplugins @moodle — Gareth J Barnard (@gjbarnard) September 29, 2020 The popular Moodle theme “Adaptable” features a “layout builder” for static HTML marketing and footer blocks, but more interestingly “block regions”. This means administrators are able to […]

Adaptable Moodle Theme Released for Moodle 3.8-3.10

Adaptable Moodle™ Theme Released for Moodle™ 3.8-3.10

Updated in February, 2021. Gareth Barnard has released “Adaptable” for the latest Moodle releases, 3.8 to 3.10. Adaptable theme for #Moodle 3.8 and 3.9 updated -> @_elearningworld @lmspulse @moodlethemes @moodledev @moodleplugins @moodle #Adaptable3 @adaptable_theme — Gareth J Barnard (@gjbarnard) February 9, 2021 A couple fixes and internal tweaks make of “Adaptable” a top-ranking, dependable […]

How To Never Switch From Moodle To Canvas

In my own work, I was recently asked to review our LMS platforms to understand whether we should move from Moodle to another system. One of the proposed systems was Canvas LMS. I think Canvas is a very good system and, if you read their website, they of course try to make the case as […]

Dashboard Announcements with Adaptable News Slider

Dashboard Announcements with Adaptable News Slider

Over the past eighteen months the Adaptable Theme for Moodle has grown to become one of the most popular freely available themes in the Moodle.Org plugin directory. One of the features of this theme is the ability to define layouts of block regions on the dashboard page (and Moodle front page). This was of course […]