‘Adaptable’ Theme, Adapted To Moodle 3.9

 Updated on September 30, 2020. Adaptable theme for #moodle 3.6 – 3.9 released https://t.co/DyIl2bO7ip @_elearningworld @lmspulse @moodlethemes @moodledev @moodleplugins @moodle — Gareth J Barnard (@gjbarnard) September 29, 2020 The popular Moodle theme “Adaptable” features a “layout builder” for static HTML marketing and footer blocks, but more interestingly “block regions”. This means administrators are able to […]

Adaptable Moodle Theme Released for Moodle 3.8-3.10

Updated in February, 2021. Gareth Barnard has released “Adaptable” for the latest Moodle releases, 3.8 to 3.10. Adaptable theme for #Moodle 3.8 and 3.9 updated -> https://t.co/9x25S3zdDz @_elearningworld @lmspulse @moodlethemes @moodledev @moodleplugins @moodle #Adaptable3 @adaptable_theme — Gareth J Barnard (@gjbarnard) February 9, 2021 A couple fixes and internal tweaks make of “Adaptable” a top-ranking, dependable […]

Improving Engagement with Discussion in Moodle

Forums are one of the most powerful features of any LMS but getting students to engage can be a challenge. In my experience; issues within the platform (in our case Moodle) are secondary to: Mode of Study (distance students always use discussion forums more heavily than face to face students) Course / Content Design (does […]

Barcode Scan Physical Items For Proper Traceability And Grading In Moodle

Barcode Scan Physical Items For Proper Traceability And Grading In Moodle

Do you want your plugin, theme, Moodle site or custom development featured in our Top of 2018? Let us highlight you first! Contact us for sharing your latest work with the community. Although E-Submission (file submission) has been the dominant form of assignment submission for many years physical assignments will never completely go away. Pieces […]

Sussex Moodle is Dead but Study Direct Lives On

Sussex Moodle is Dead but Study Direct Lives On

Back in 2013, the team at Sussex University wowed the Moodle community with the work it had done with their Moodle, “Study Direct,” in which they implemented features like the activity chooser, improvements to the display of course content, student dashboards, and more. This is why it may come as a shock to some that Sussex […]

Keep Track Of Your Moodle Course’s Status With This Plugin

A problem for organizations that automate the process of course creation and enrollment involves the creation of courses that must remain unavailable, at least to a majority of students. Moodle offers two choices to control said visibility, each with its own pros and cons: If a course is Visible, students may see it, even if […]

How To Never Switch From Moodle To Canvas

How To Never Switch From Moodle To Canvas

In my own work, I was recently asked to review our LMS platforms to understand whether we should move from Moodle to another system. One of the proposed systems was Canvas LMS. I think Canvas is a very good system and, if you read their website, they of course try to make the case as […]

Dashboard Announcements with Adaptable News Slider

Over the past eighteen months the Adaptable Theme for Moodle has grown to become one of the most popular freely available themes in the Moodle.Org plugin directory. One of the features of this theme is the ability to define layouts of block regions on the dashboard page (and Moodle front page). This was of course […]

Activity Feeds Making Moodle More Social #Moodlewish

Back in 2011 Sussex University (UK) were trying to bring ideas from social media into their Moodle instance, one of the more eye catching developments was the addition of a recent activity feed which you can read about here: http://blogs.sussex.ac.uk/elearningteam/2011/08/10/recent-activity-in-moodle/ The idea is to try and encourage engagement with users, perhaps creating the impression of […]

Where’s My Feedback? – New Reports Plugin Available

If you have worked with Moodle any length of time it is likely you have been asked the question “where’s my feedback” at some point. Thanks to Jessica Gramp the answer just got a lot easier with development a new reports plugin “My Feedback”. When installed this report provides users with an overview of all […]