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ما هو الجديد في منصة مودل 3.10؟

The latest version of our Moodle LMS is now available for download. Together with our community, we keep making Moodle better and better to support online learning with a modern, accessible and flexible open-source learning platform. That’s why we’ve released Moodle 3.10 with improvements for learners, teachers and administrators.

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لقد أصبح إصدار مودل 3.10 متاحاً: كن متفاعلاً، استخدمه دون اتصال بالإنترنت، واحصل على المال!

The latest version of Moodle 3.10 is already available for download and upgrade. While the team behind this release “warned” us that this would be a less feature-packed release, as most of it is focused on the big and juicy Moodle 4.0 version, expected to arrive in a year from now; there are a number of welcome, and a few outright impressive new features and enhancements.

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ما هي منصة موودل للعمل؟

Moodle has announced Moodle Workplace. It is the first Moodle-branded solution that will not be available for public download. It joins the slate of niche-specific LMS seeking for a size of the promising corporate territory.

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