Feasibility StudyBelow you’ll find embedded the raw data collected from our Moodle Feasibility Study Survey, conducted using Google Docs. We had over two dozen submissions from around the world, while the vast majority were from English speaking countries (US, UK, NZ, AUS) Here’s a brief synopsis of the information.

We received a great sampling of Moodles that have been in operation for more than one year. Nearly 50% of respondents submitted that their Moodle had been in operation for 5 years or longer, which is awesome to hear.

For user bases which were under 1000 students, respondents claimed that they had less than one FTE on payroll managing the Moodle specifically. However the average number of staff members that had at least some role managing the Moodle was 2.66 persons.

Feasibility StudyAs far as hosting, 65% of respondents were hosting the Moodle themselves, while 1/5 were hosting with a Moodle Partner and the remaining hosted with another 3rd party service.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly is the $ question. The average cost of running Moodle was estimated (including all but staff costs) at $6500 dollars. This varied considerably (see data below) but it might provide you a fair estimate. On a per student basis, this averages to $1.17 per student (but a high of $3.33). Recall that this does NOT include staff costs.

Download a copy of the raw Excel file, and if you do, share what you gleaned from the data in the comments below and we’ll organize them on this page. If you have a suggestion for a question that should be included in our next Feasibility Study (which will take place sometime in the next year) please let us know.