A Question and Answer session with the @Moodleman about iMoot2012

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Julian Ridden, the Moodleman himself, kindly agreed to an email interview with me regarding the upcoming 3rd annual iMoot event ( This week I’ll be sharing his answers (as seen below) in advance of the May iMoot.

Moodlenews: Where’d the inspiration for iMoot come from?

Julian: iMoot’s inspiration came 4 years ago. I regularly attend Moodle Moots in both Australia and abroad and am always amazed at the content that come from these events. The sessions share dynamic content from the front lines of Moodle and are often insightful, inspiring and informative. The problem is that not everyone can travel to all these events. Many, in fact, are lucky to just get to one. I wanted to create a place that was accessible (both financially and distance wise) and that brought together all this local knowledge and assembled it on the world stage for all Moodle users to hear. I am glad to say I think we have been successful as each iMoot is always bigger than the last.

Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to register for this year’s iMoot at


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