A Renewed Official ‘Learn Moodle’ MOOC Will Take You Back To The ‘Basics’

A Renewed Official Moodle MOOC Will Take You Back To ‘Basics’ | De Vuelta a lo Básico con el Nuevo MOOC 'Aprende Moodle 3.4'

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The official “Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics” MOOC, formerly known as “Learn Moodle,” is heating up before its launch next January. On the official Moodle Blog, Community Educator Mary Cooch brings Moodle HQ’s Analytics Empress Elizabeth Dalton on for an interview about the value of the “Basics” MOOC on the large scope of Moodle’s education and awareness efforts, as well as the visible changes you might find in the upcoming session.

As previously speculated, Dalton confirms the rebranding as due to a new approach to the education offers by Moodle HQ:

“The term ‘Learn Moodle’ now covers a whole new curriculum to learn how to teach online, of which our Basics MOOC forms the first stage. A new Moodle Education team has begun constructing training modules designed to follow the MOOC and to lead to new Moodle Teaching Certificates and a larger conversation around Teaching and Learning using Moodle. We’ll tell you more next year!”

The “Basics” MOOC will still offer a practical, hands-on experience of Moodle, as participants get introduced to Moodle’s sections, functions, and features as they design a learning intervention. It is compatible with people with no Moodle or technical knowledge, and even though they will be building their own courses, lots of OER content will be available to use.

A reinforcement of pedagogical knowledge is one of the new elements this time around. Teaching patterns and approaches, part of Dalton’s study and research career, will be covered in depth during the second half of the MOOC.

Registrations for “Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics” MOOC are already open at A student forum will become available on January 1st, and the Course will start the following Monday, January 8th.

Read the interview “What’s new with Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics MOOC?” at

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