Competency based education in Moodle – a walk through with Damyon Wiese #Moodle

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Damyon Wiese, Development Manager Moodle HQ and the brain behind the development of the Competencies in Moodle has shared a walk through introduction to the Moodle competencies. The presentation delivered during the MoodleMoot Australia 2016 goes through the steps involved in setting up a competency based education framework and learning plan from a standard competency system.
The new feature, which was introduced in Moodle 3.1, brings a new learning management system approach to Moodle. The site administrators can add site wide competency frameworks and learning plan templates for a new level of personalized learning in Moodle. During the presentation Damyon shows a  glimpse of the possibilities and flexibility of this system by showing and explaining its use in a real context of higher education.
Competency based education – which provides the tools for the teachers to:

  • identify struggling students
  • identify high achievers
  • reflective teaching
  • course design

Similarly CBE provides the tools for students for:

  • Self assessment
  • Course selection
  • Portflio of skills

You can check out the presentation recording below:

The CBE development was carried out by the Moodle HQ team alongwith a special contribution by Université de Montréal in Moodle 3.1 There are many plugins which can assist you in setting up the competency frameworks on your Moodle site.
How you are using the competency frameworks in your Moodle learning environment? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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