EVENT: @howtomoodle Moodle Group Nov 16th in London

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Thank you to Catherine Dhanjal for sharing this UK event with us:

Hope those of you in the UK area will be able to join the next HowToMoodle Moodle Group on Tuesday 16 November 2010 from 5pm to 8pm in central London.

This event features speakers from Pickfords on why the removal company chose Moodle and how they are using it for internal staff development; The Gemmological Association of Great Britain on its use of Moodle for training internationally and in multiple languages; and Ray Lawrence, Director of HowToMoodle, on the latest developments in Moodle. To book a place or for more information, visit or call 0845 226 1073.

Moodle Groups provide opportunities to network with new and existing users of Moodle across a range of sectors.
Our presenters share what worked well (and not so well!) for their organisation in their own thought provoking style.

Please note that attendance is £20-25 depending on how soon you register.

We have no affiliation with HowToMoodle nor are compensated for posting this information, just a friendly neighborly announcement!

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