Feedback From The Learn Moodle MOOC: Teaching With Moodle 2016 Edition

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The first edition of the Learn Moodle MOOC for 2016: Teaching With Moodle was a rousing success, as reporting by Mary Cooch over at To kick it off, check out some of the stats:

  • While 5,590 people signed up…
  • … they were just wishful thinkers (a constant problem for Moodlepreneurs!). But 2,279 of them actually made progress (and they received a participant badge, yea!).
  • A huge class of 866 participants are also “completers” – approximately 15% of all enrolled users, and 42% of people who actually participated in some way (huge numbers for MOOCs).
  • Probably the biggest stat: 88% of participants told Moodle this was their first (or nearly first) time in the LMS.

According to Cooch and Co. here are highlights about what else “went well” this time around:

  • Releasing materials and lessons in a step-by-step fashion as the MOOC progressed was received favorably by Moodlers and contributed to reducing the feeling of overwhelm felt by many in the past.
  • The addition of mini-forums for each week’s lessons was another way to make sure that overwhelm was reduced and that learners felt like they had a way to get their questions answered. Also noted by Mary was the fact that many former learners in the MOOC have returned to help in the forums, becoming teachers and active community members (awesome!).

As always, there were some things that could have gone better. These included:

  • Getting dates and deadlines correct seemed to be a big hiccup for many participants. There was only one assignment that had a due date in the MOOC, but many questions were fielded about overall availability, when participants could access the course, and more. In the next MOOC (August 7, 2016) there will be an “Important Dates” page for the course.
  • It seems that people always want more, more, more… downloadable resources. While all of the videos were available for download this time, the next MOOC will also have all transcripts for people with limited connection bandwidth.
  • Quizzes with clearer questions were another request heard by the Moodle team and this will be addressed in the next MOOC as well – especially for those whom English is not their native language.

Not surprisingly, with such a large group of users, there were hiccups found in the Moodle software itself. The HQ team will be looking at MDL-53088, MOBILE-1384, MDL-37138, MDL-50310, and MDL-51447, if you’d like to follow along.

Overall, however, the course received a ton a great feedback and I, for one, am looking forward to the next MOOC on 07 AUG 16. Mark your calendars now!

Did you attend the Learn Moodle MOOC in January? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

2 Responses

  1. Well done, Mary.
    In regards to dates when re-running a course I’ve been thinking it would be very useful to have the option of an “offset” from the start date anywhere a date can be entered. This way you would be saved the work of re-setting dates on a new deliver, but perhaps more importantly reduce the risk of forgetting to reset a date. Is this a useful idea? Is anyone working on it?

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