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In an electrifying announcement in the Australia Moot (#MootAU), Moodle’s founder Mr. Martin Dougiamas announced about the free Moodle Hosting for everyone service by Moodle HQ.
According to the official MoodleCloud site:

Of course, not all teachers are IT experts, and not all of them will learn how to install open source software on a server or manage the complexities of upgrades and maintenance.  For them we built the Moodle Partner network as a way to provide services around the world and now tens of thousands of Moodlers have been helped by Moodle Partners.
We’ve heard though that there are many of our users with smaller needs and low or zero budgets for whom full paid hosting is not an option. MoodleCloud is our solution to this problem.
Your MoodleCloud site will always be running the very latest release of Moodle, due to our specially-designed custom upgrading system.

Some salient features of the MoodleCloud Hosting site are:

  • Designed for smaller users – We’ve targeted the system towards small users of Moodle: very small schools or companies, or lone teachers with a few classes, or just anyone who wants a Moodle to experiment with.
  • Unlimited Database size – Your database size is unlimited (which means unlimited text pages, posts, and activities). You can also customise the look of your own site via the web with our custom MoodleCloud theme, based on the standard More theme.
  • Restrictions -To keep things manageable our sites do have some limits:
    • 50 users maximum.
    • 200Mb disk space
    • Core themes and plugins only
    • One site per phone number
  • Includes BigBlueButton – In MoodleCloud the free BigBlueButton sessions are limited to 6 people, with no recordings, but we hope you’ll find this perfect for small classes and even study groups.  You can add a conferencing session to your course just like any other class activity.
  • Advertisement on your site – Like you, we’re not big fans of ad banners on the web, but to help subsidise the costs of MoodleCloud and build a sustainable model for the long-term, we’ve included some minimal advertising banners (Google ads) in the footer of most pages in each MoodleCloud site.  We ask that you don’t block these ads from appearing.

According to the Official press release:

“Moodle’s mission has always been to help educators improve learning with open, accessible tools to use as they wish. Our Moodle Partners take care of many thousands of institutions and individuals worldwide with second-to-none services, and through their royalties they continue to fund Moodle in achieving our mission. Today we launch MoodleCloud, for teachers and trainers with small needs and even smaller resources to quickly and easily set up their own learning environment direct from the people making Moodle” said Martin Dougiamas, Moodle Founder and CEO, speaking to over 500 delegates at the official MoodleMoot conference on 6th July held in Melbourne, Australia. “Education is the foundation of nearly every important thing we do on this planet, and I’m proud that Moodle is able to offer alternatives for everyone from the largest university to now smallest individual classroom with MoodleCloud”.
Key features of the free MoodleCloud hosting platform include:
• Free hosting (supported by minimal advertising)
• Easy, instant signup using your mobile phone.
• Full version of Moodle with almost no limitations
• Always has the latest version, currently Moodle 2.9.1
• Up to 50 users and 200Mb disk space
• Unlimited courses, unlimited database size
• Integrated with BigBlueButton for video-conferencing – free!
• Ability to personalise and customise your Moodle site
• Available in over 100 languages with multilingual capability
• Full support enabled for Moodle’s official app – Moodle Mobile.

More FAQ’s related to Moodle Cloud Hosting can be found here:
You can signup for a free MoodleCloud hosting at:

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