Moodle User's Association (MUA) – January 2018 update @moodleassoc

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Moodle User’s Association – the community arm of Moodle HQ project, is helping to drive the Moodle project. It is a not-for-profit association for Moodle community members. MUA runs 2 project development cycles each year for Moodle core.
Recently, Moodle User’s Association opened up the new project development cycle for January-June 2018. You can find more details about the current project development cycle here.
From this Project Development cycle onwards, MUA moves the project proposals to Moodle tracker. This way the project proposals will live outside MUA and if your project is not approved in MUA, you can still seek votes from Moodle Community to add in Moodle core.
The MUA project from January-June 2017 development cycle – “Expanded question bank” is now under development and is expected to be incorporated in Moodle 3.5.  Here are more details about the development work on this project.
Another successful project from July-December 2017 project development cycle – “Fix analytical tools for random quiz questions” is waiting for final approval from MUA committee.

MUA January- June 2018 Project Development Cycle:

The current cycle of MUA project development is under Project Proposal phase. You can suggest a new development project proposal by February 28th, 2018 followed by Preliminary Voting. Few projects are already submitted like:

  • Assignment Double (or more)-Marking & Moderation – A proposal to enhance the existing “allocated marker” and “marking workflow” tools to support ‘n’ number of markings and a process to moderate markings into a final assignment mark. This project was already in the MUA project list and wasn’t able to make it. The project is proposed by Michael Hughes.
  • Add Ability to Lock Submitted Assignments after Deadline –  Improve assignment settings / behavior so that students can submit multiple drafts up to an assignment deadline but not re-submit after the deadline. The project is proposed by Jeremy Hopkins, Coventry University.
  • Ability to set activity dates based on course start/end date or enrollment date – An option should be added to the date entry for activity open, due and cutoff dates that would allow users to enter a date that is relative to the enrollment date or course start date.  In my opinion this project should be included in Moodle core. The project is proposed by Emma Richardson – MUA Chairperson.
  • Additional Assignment Fields for Integration and Reporting – Improve scope for integrating and reporting on formerly graded assignments. Another project proposed by Jeremy Hopkins, Coventry University.

If you would like to suggest any new feature to be incorporated in Moodle, you can suggest it through MUA. Click here to submit your project proposal.
Are you a member of Moodle User’s Association? Would you like to suggest a new feature in Moodle core through MUA? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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