Moodle Workshop Module Webinar presented by @LambdaSolutions 11/29/12

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Lambda Solutions announces the next free webinar as part of the series of half hour “Moodle how to…” in support of the Moodle community.

Moodle Workshop Module

What: Moodle how to webinars.  Short, topical webinars on Moodle 2.x features, provided by Ben Young and Chad Leaman of Lambda Solutions.

When: Thursday, November 29, 2012, at 10:00 am PST.

How: Sessions delivered via BlackBoard Collaborate webinar.  Details provided upon registration.

Topic: The Workshop Module provides peer-to-peer learning opportunities in Moodle.  Similar to the Assignment Module, students can submit work, but can now also assess their peers.  Students can be graded on both their submission, and their evaluation of other students.  Afterwards, the teacher can showcase select submissions to all students.  Learn how to get the Workshop module up and running to improve peer-to-peer learning opportunities in your Moodle courses.

Cost: Free

Upon Registration, you will be sent credentials to log into the webinar.

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