Multiculturality, Diversity, And Modernity: MoodleMoot 2018 Canada In Toronto

Multiculturality, Diversity, And Modernity: MoodleMoot 2018 Canada In Toronto

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From February 21st to the 24th, York University will host MoodleMoot Canada 2018 in Toronto, the largest city in the country, and by some accounts the most multicultural city in the world. This makes the gathering of open source educators and technologists of the broadest and most inclusive LMS in the city a serendipitous occasion.

The call for presentations is still open. Interested candidates can visit to sign up and submit their proposal. The event’s theme is personalization, from which several related streams unfold: engagement, flexibility, collaboration, learner choice, and independence. Proposed talks can be in English or French.

On Wednesday, February 21st, a series of “hands-on” pre-conference sessions will start things off, with topics such as:

  • Progress tracking
  • Moodle performance
  • Course settings
  • Admin “Bootcamp”

Moodle CEO Martin Dougiamas will serve as both opening and closing keynote speaker. He will be joined by Stephen Downes on a “Why personal learning?” keynote plenary on Friday. Downes is a renowned Canadian philosopher in the midst of “online learning and new media” and member of the Learning and Performance Support Systems program at Canada’s National Research Council.

Other confirmed speakers include Joan Coy, Fernando Oliveira, Peter Rowley, Patrick Thibaudeau, Phyllis MacIntyre, Moodle HQ’s Paul Greidanus, Joy Brusich, Mathew Gancarz, Brian Carlson, Julie Joanisse, Matthieu Roy, Cindy Plunkett, Rob Finlayson, Anton Kassimov, Richard Wallace, and MUA’s Orzu Kamolova.

With 1,842 registered sites, Canada is an important stronghold for Moodle, as well as the world of online higher education.

Follow the event on social media on @CanadaMoot and @canadamoot.

Read the interview “MoodleMoot Canada 2018 hits Toronto in February!” at

You can find the MoodleMoot Canada 2018 site at


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