Postcards From Mahoodle 2017

Postcards From Mahoodle 2017

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On a diplomatic mission from Moodle HQ, Community Educator Mary Cooch visited the “Mahoodle” event organized by Cambridge Assessment International Education and the UK branch of Catalyst IT, official partner of both open source platforms and arguably the thought leader in all things Mahoodle.

In her words, Mahara is “Moodle’s sister.” It is an open source solution for the creation and publishing of portfolios, particularly those that reflect evidence of learning and educational outcomes. Its compatibility with online collaboration and badges, among other features, makes Mahoodle an ideal match. The integration takes place using plugins that unify authentication for users on both systems.

In Moodle, the core Moodle plugin was developed by the Mahara team, with plugins for assignment submission and feedback developed by Mahara and Catalyst. The closeness between communities is such that some of the MoodleMoots reserve a special place for Mahara, most notably MoodleMoot (and “MaharaHui”) France.

On Friday, October 20th, Cambridge International hosted Cooch and a series of activities in a day devoted to Mahoodle. She was pleased with the “show-and-tell” approach of the presentations, particularly those from Cambridge International’s Andrew Field, Cranfield University’s Sam Taylor, and “EdTech Yogi” Aurelie Soulier, also at Cranfield.

The day also brought a demonstration of LTI integration, User Experience design, a farewell to MNet, and a sensible debate about cake.

Read Cooch’s update “Moodling in Cambridge with Catalyst” at

You can find the documentation about “Mahara Portfolio” at

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