Raise your hands if you would like to participate in the Calendar Research Study #moodleresearch @moodleassoc

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Are you interested in improving Moodle? You don’t know coding or development to contribute your efforts. All you need to do is to take part in the research studies carried by Moodle HQ time to time. Currently, Moodle HQ team is looking for volunteers to take part in the research study for improving the Moodle Calendar. Are you interested to participate?
In a recent announcement, Alberto Corado – Lead User Experience Designer at Moodle HQ, posted about the Calendar research survey. Moodle HQ team is looking for English-speaking Moodle users to take part in the research for planning the future development of Moodle calendar.
You shouldn’t be a tech geek to take part in this research rather you should be a proactive Moodle users who are familiar with Moodle interface and working. You need to spent around half an hour to test out the prototype and give the feedback back to the development team. Occasionally, the team may have a small interview about your current experience with Moodle.

If you’re interested in participating, please sign up using the link below:

Raise your hands if you would like to participate in the Calendar Research Study #moodleresearch @moodleassocMoodle Calendar Interface Improvement

Moodle Calendar Interface Improvement Project is the latest project put forth by Moodle User’s Association during last project cycle ending December 2016 proposed by Stephen Bourget. This is the 3rd project contributed by MUA after successful integration of Recycle Bin and upcoming My Course overview block. To know more about the Moodle calendar interface improvement project, check out Stephen’s interview here.
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  1. Hi Yana,
    Sorry, the sign up process has closed for this round. I will keep you updated about future research studies organized by Moodle team.

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