Sit Back And Catch The Complete MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 Video Playlist

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Last April in London, a “meeting of the Moodlers” gave us a glimpse of what developers, organizations, and Moodle HQ have been working on. And for those who could not afford to live the experience, a video playlist with the highlights of the event is available.

News and Roadmap by Gavin Hendrick (see video above)

In lieu of Moodle’s CEO, Gavin Hendrick held top honors this time, showcasing the features and issues Moodle HQ is working on for upcoming releases. It was also the opportunity to meet some of the presenters and attendees for the rest of the event.

Square Pegs into Round Holes: Moodle as a Learning Pathway Solution by Aurelie Soulier

The practice of creating courseware and content first and thinking about students second is too widespread across schools and universities. When it comes to educational design, the buck stops with Cranfield University’s Aurelie.

Moodle Dashboard Enhanced with Personal Data by Ove Ritola & Timo Salonen

Read a complete overview at about how these young developers at the University of Vaasa found the complex scattering of student data across services and devices and created a solution to unify everything in one place, improving Moodle’s usability along the way.

Measuring The Impact of Learning in Moodle by Peter Dobinson

Despite the increasing popularity and thriving business of learning analytics, there are lots of places where resistance abounds. Peter’s first order of business is to demystify the data process–from collecting it to making sense of it to understanding the tools themselves. The fact that it is a valuable practice must not make you anxious if you don’t see results right away.

Check out the slides here.

View and Compare Assessment Feedback in Moodle by Jessica Gramp

UCL’s Gramp showcases My Feedback plugin, aimed to “raise the visibility of feedback.” A single view display with customization options helps to quickly pinpoint areas of improvement. It gives special focus to the role of tutors, who hold a special user role and can check up on a subset of students thanks to a custom dashboard.

Check out the slides here.

Learning Analytics through Machine Learning: Project Inspire by Gavin Henrick

Representing Project Inspire leadership, Henrick shared some of the progress made by the project in its areas of development. He covers the progress made in the forecasting models, the role of the community in making it all move forward, and upcoming developments in the Inspire plugin.

Citation and Referencing – Is Our Training Making a Difference? By Mark Glynn

This video tells the story of when Glynn decided to contest that all too common, anxiety-inducing question. With the help of two Moodle plugins, he is now able to check whether his teaching in proper referencing has a lasting effect. Ongoing work will focus on extending the measures among activities in courses long after Glynn’s class.

Check out the slides here.

Understand your Moodle Data For a Greater Insight by John Whitmer

Some of you might recognize John Whitmer’s name as one of the lead researchers on Blackboard’s Data Science team. Their work around personalized dashboards has a lot in common with the Course Overview in Moodle 3.3, particularly to help low-GPA students. Another interesting line of work focuses on “performance patterns,” which begin to suggest the relationship of one hour more of study in the increase of one more GPA point. And then there’s his paper on engagement and long term success.

Continue the playlist here.

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