Teaching With Moodle MOOC Week Three: Track Student Performance

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This is Week Three of the Teaching with Moodle MOOC. Tracking a class performance metrics is one of the best lesser known features of Moodle. With a little customization, Moodle is a powerful tool to create assessment activities, keep granular track on individual performance, and produce reports or make teaching choices based on their results. And at the center of this is the Gradebook, the Moodle feature you are likely to spend the most time with.

The first thing you will have to do is set up the Gradebook. Mary will guide you through videos and the Week Three Book. It is important to set it beforehand, since it defines the rules of the game: how you will measure your students, what you will expect from them and they from you.

You can link the Gradebook to other Moodle assessment activities, like quizzes. Assessments provide scores that are automatically logged in the student’s gradebook. You can also set grades without activities, for assessing performance happening outside of Moodle.

Question types are powerful activities with lots of features and customization options. Unfortunately this means in four weeks we only scratch the surface. Mary encourages to look up the documentation to explore quizzes have to offer.

Another important subject is Enrollment. You will know how to enroll students, as well as set up your course for automatic or self-enrollment. Large installations with hundreds or thousands of students should take advantage of organized cohorts, giving teachers an easy way to enroll students.

The course deepens in Moodle management skills, including resources and files. Banks and file spaces allow you to have content ready for many courses or scenarios.

This week you will see what teachers around the world are interested to teach and discuss. Hundreds of sample Moodle courses can give you some ideas to try on your own!

Mary will start giving you some tips and shortcuts to make Teaching with Moodle a more straightforward experience. Moodle is not unlike most systems in which an experienced user is one that becomes acquainted with all the ways to automate or speed up actions. I have not met an expert moodler for whom developing a course is not second nature.

Log in to the free Teaching with Moodle MOOC here.


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