This Was iMoot 2017, The Largest And Longest Virtual Moodle Event Of The Year

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For hundreds of intrepid Moodlers around the world, the alarm clock that beeped moments before 5 am on the third Thursday of May (Perth time) had a special ring to it. It announced the beginning of iMoot 2017, the first session of the twice-a-year online Moodle gathering, and technically the largest MoodleMoot in the world if you measure by number of attendees. It is also the longest: while most Moots only last three days, iMoot is the only one featuring a non-stop format.

The speakers, who also come from all over the world, covered Moodle topics far and wide, including sister technologies such as Open Source online portfolio service Mahara (as in Kristina Hoeppner’s video above). More than 70 sessions, kicked off by PoodLL’s Justin Hunt and HRDNZ’s Stuart Mealor, discussed issues in development, Moodle Activities, current and future issues in Open Source EdTech, plugins, and real experiences, from traditional K-12 and higher education, to more extreme —namely, geriatrics— cases, and innovative applications of existing technology.

It was also a chance for BigBlueButton to shine. Also an Open Source technology, the technology behind the favorite eponym plugin for webcasting and recording was the weapon of choice to deliver the complete event.

We can only expect that very few, if any, attendees actually stayed up for 52 hours straight, much less stayed an active listener at it. For many, the real value of iMoot is the vast amount of information, basically covering a year’s worth of updates and thinking about Moodle and Moodle-adjacent dynamics, technologies, and practices. iMoot participants can access the iMoot Hub with resources from each presentation for up to six months past the event.

Take a look at the full roster of presentations here.

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