Upcoming Webinars: 4/3 Flipping the Classroom and 4/24 Quality Matters in Moodle

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webinar-iconTwo free Moodle webinars are coming up. Check out more Moodle events at

4/3 at 2pm EST – “Leveraging the Technology to Revolutionize Education: Flipping the Classroom” (hosted by Paradiso Solutions)

Ever heard of flipping the classroom? Flipping the classroom is the future of education. In this webinar we want to give you an introduction to this innovative method.

We all know current education system is not working for 90% of the students. Fortunately due to advances in computing technology and internet, we have a huge opportunity to revolutionize education in every part of the globe. Every aspect of our life is tightly linked with technology now-a-days. The future (in USA its present now) of education is going to be tightly linked with technology. Instead of professors giving lectures and students sleeping in the classroom, we will have more engaging, fun and interactive education for K1 through university. This new method does not replace teachers but gives them tools to make REAL EDUCATION happen.

Join us for a free webinar lead by Paradiso Solutions CEO, Sach Chaudhari, who is an expert in the field of eLearning platform development. Hear more about his experience and learn the essential strategies to flip your classroom. While studying at Harvard Business School, Sach realized how effective the case study method is for learning. Sach combined elements of Harvard Business School pedagogy and his 15 years of experience in software engineering to create an educational system and eLearning platform which is truly revolutionizing the current education system without adding extra cost.

Register here:

4/24 at 2pm EST – “Course Quality and Moodle: Exploring Best Practices” (sponsored by Moodlerooms)

Anyone can download the Moodle LMS and use it on their own. But how do you ensure the quality of content, courses, and instructional design? What about all of the components that make Moodle aneffective teaching and learning tool, such as hosting, training and support?

Join our webcast on April 24th for an in-depth discussion with experts from the Adler School of Professional Psychology about implementing course quality standards campus-wide and utilizing best practices for maintaining an LMS installation for the long term.

Register here:

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