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Moodle User’s Association (MUA) is looking for a fresh committee for the upcoming year 2017 – 2018. The new committee will be selected based on the voting process by the Moodle User’s Association members.
The Moodle User’s Association is managed by a  committee of 10 people selected through a nomination process and a later vote during the General assembly meeting. The Committee comprises a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and additional general Committee members.
This year the nominations for the Moodle User’s Association committee are closed and the final voting for the committee is under progress. The last date for casting your votes for the MUA committee members is 01st October.
Top 10 nominations for this years committee in descending order of votes till date, are as follows:

  1. Emma Richardson (Vice Chairperson) – 6433
  2. Mike Churchward – 5123
  3. Richard Samson (Committee Member) – 4315
  4. Jessica Gramp – 3735
  5. Joseph Thibault (Committee Member) – 3719
  6. Jeff Webster (Secretary) – 2315
  7. Orzu Kamolova – 760
  8. Steven Powell (Chairperson) – 630
  9. Luiggi Sansonetti – 480
  10. Dr. Laurie Korte – 170

The positions for the committee will be decided at the first meeting of the committee.  Please log in and vote for your Moodle User’s Association committee –

MUA Appointed Dr. Shannon Johnston:

On another point, Moodle User’s Association has appointed Dr Shannon Johnston as a paid administration and project support officer effective from 23rd September.
Shannon has worked in digital learning for many years as an educator, learning designer, assistant professor for Higher Education development at the University of Western Australia and more recently as a project manager. She brings a wealth of knowledge about Moodle and played a crucial role in the preparation and implementation of the Moodle Users Association. 
Cast your vote to select the next Moodle Users Association committee members today!
Still thinking about joining MUA? Register today as a member and contribute towards the Moodle Project development. Check out the membership options today.
Have you joined Moodle Users Association yet? Do let us know in the comments below.

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