Webinar: Choosing the Right Reporting Solution for your LMS with @lambdasolutions

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lambdaLLambda Solutions, a Moodle Partner operating in BC, Canada hosts regular free webinars on topics relating and important to Moodle and Totara. Their next webinar will focus on Reporting solutions available to Moodle administrators and users which are available to integrate and will be hosted by Stewart Rogers, Director of Product Management, and Sean Hougan, Marketing Coordinator.

According to the description,

Reporting has become the number one gap in learning and talent management systems as management and c-suite executives are increasingly expected to justify their decisions with numbers. In the past few years these expectations have matured and today, managers and employees are expected to create and share meaningful, interactive and visually pleasing reports that have powerful business insights. Unfortunately, many talent and learning management system offerings fall short of fulfilling these requirements.

This webinar will explore how a powerful, easy-to-use reporting solution can be used to provide more meaningful, interactive and actionable insights. We will discuss how you can use a modern reporting solution to exceed your reporting needs.

Save your seat on January 29th to learn about:

*The challenges and limitations of LMS reporting tools today
*Six capabilities you should expect for your reporting needs
*Using dashboards to share insights
*Getting started with reporting—what you need to know
*Webinar: Choosing the Right Reporting Solution for your LMS

The Webinar is scheduled for Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 1:00pm ET. Register for this free event here:

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