LMS Integrity & The Turnitin Partner Program: Benefits for Moodle Providers, Clients and Users

LMS Integrity & The Turnitin Partner Program Benefits for Moodle Providers, Clients and Users

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Providers of Learning Management Systems partner with companies that demonstrate quality and expertise. Moodle Integrators like Turnitin view partnerships as a gateway towards enhanced value delivery and additional revenue streams. As prominent Certified Moodle Partners can attest, offering integrations like Turnitin’s SimCheck contribute towards customer satisfaction, increased lifetime value, and per-channel ROI.

Integrity is an essential quality in all Learning Management Systems. Clients expect their LMS Partner to ensure the integrity of its outcomes. By working with Turnitin, a leading provider of academic integrity and assessment solutions for over 20 years, LMS Partners have a trusted ally to help guide clients in this challenging space.

But what does it mean to partner with a global leader in integrity and assessment solutions? And how does a Moodle Partner or vendor stand to benefit from allying with Turnitin to offer SimCheck to their clients? In this article, you will understand how Turnitin secures the integrity of a learning environment; the value of partnering with Turnitin; and how to begin a partnership with Turnitin to offer SimCheck as a Moodle Partner in an integrated environment.

Are you an organization looking to secure the integrity of your learning environment and students’ submissions? Ask your Moodle Partner or vendor about the Turnitin Partner Program.

Securing the integrity of the eLearning process: How Turnitin’s SimCheck adds value to your LMS offering

In 1998, four University of California students, searching for a way to improve their written work,  founded Turnitin as a peer-review application that helped students receive feedback from their classmates. In preparing the work for peer review, they identified similarities across student content and thus found a new problem to solve: Ensuring the highest levels of integrity in student work.

The application expanded to include plagiarism prevention in 2000. Twenty years later, Turnitin is focused on empowering educators to help students do their best, original work.

But Turnitin’s solutions would only be feasible as long as academic users, as well as vendors and integrators, all find them to be beneficial to their own goals.

Currently, Turnitin’s solutions and seamless integrations deliver on multiple fronts: They support the development of original thinking and reference management skills for students and they bring efficiency to text similarity checking, thus upholding academic integrity and mitigating potential misconduct. 

Existing Turnitin vendors, including Certified Moodle Partners Edunao, Eummena and Edu Labs, find in SimCheck a solution that conforms to GDPR and similar privacy protection regulations in full. (Moodle awarded SimCheck plugin the “Privacy Friendly” badge.) Turnitin has provided unique insight on originality and integrity, which adds to partners’ overall value proposition.

The Benefits of partnering up with Premium Moodle Integrator Turnitin

By consolidating unique know-how on originality, learner empowerment, and academic misconduct prevention, Turnitin supports Moodle Partners and providers in their quest towards systemic integrity for their clients’ learning environments.

As the features of Turnitin’s SimCheck plugin continue to evolve, the role of a Moodle Partner becomes all the more critical. As the educational community gains a better understanding of plagiarism as a phenomenon, industry leaders begin to understand the importance of conversations around the value of originality, authorship, critical thinking and reference management, among others. The information provided by Turnitin’s SimCheck offers data to make these conversations as relevant and constructive as possible.

In sum, Turnitin’s SimCheck benefits Moodle Partners and providers in the following ways:

  • Built-in integrity solutions. Academic misconduct is a complex problem. Whether the LMS client requests a preventive tool or must implement a reactive solution, proactive recommendations by the Moodle Partner or provider will reinforce their expertise and positive reputation.
  • Increased channel ROI, Lifetime Value. Turnitin makes SimCheck available via its partners in an integrated environment. Moodle Partners offer Turnitin’s SimCheck to grow their business by taking advantage of marketing and sales channels already in place. This is especially true in the growing SaaS and cloud-based LMS space, where the Moodle Partner becomes a long-term advisor.

About Premium Moodle Integrator Turnitin and Turnitin’s SimCheck

In late January, Chris Caren, CEO of Turnitin, announced a “new path and purpose” for Turnitin. As Turnitin looks to the future, its vision is to serve customers with modern assessment capabilities that help ensure fairness and integrity are the foundation of every assignment and assessment. LMS providers are an important part of this vision. Both partners and, in turn, customers will benefit as Turnitin works to “empower students to do their best, original work while ensuring honesty, consistency, and fairness so that they feel confident and are prepared to succeed.”

About SimCheck, Certified Moodle Integration

SimCheck is a time-tested similarity checker plugin for the Moodle LMS. It provides a Similarity Report, with an overall score as well as detailed cross-referencing. If there is a match between the student submission and an entry in the product’s database of active and archived websites, the teacher is able to see the fragment it references, to assess the similarity and if necessary, turn the match into an opportunity for critical analysis of the source.

LMS Integrity & The Turnitin Partner Program Benefits for Moodle Providers, Clients and Users SimCheck shot
Instant Similarity Report that checks a student submission and provides detailed, color-coded input for teacher-student discussion.

Organizations who use SimCheck can include their own repositories and decide whether to make them available for all users, or privately; and let students make the decision over their own work. 

Key SimCheck features include:

  • Instant Similarity Report that checks a student submission against a massive, 70 billion pages and counting web database.
  • Simple, intuitive, color-coded interface allows teachers to contrast matches against fragments in the website database.
  • Support for multiple languages and file formats.
  • Compatibility with LTI standard.
  • 24/7 Support.

As SimCheck is a Moodle Certified Integration, part of the revenue from SimCheck licensing goes to support the Moodle project and its ongoing development.

The Turnitin Partner Program

Turnitin’s Partner Program intends to identify organizations interested in providing quality experiences, promoting a culture of integrity, and collaborating to uphold academic integrity and streamline assessment for educational institutions.

Turnitin provides flexible partnership options to accommodate a variety of segments, sizes and use cases. Generally speaking, the partnerships can fit in one of three categories:

  • Referral Partner: The Referral Partner provides a lead to Turnitin, and if the client converts within 6 months of the referral, it is entitled to a commission, the amount of which is confirmed by the company upon successful acceptance into the program.
  • Reseller Partner: Similar to the Referral Partner, the Reseller may perform promotional actions and campaigns. It may also provide Tier 1 support to clients.
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISV): A more involved partnership, ideal for LMS developers or solution providers, who can manage more technical aspects of the integration and support, for a higher reward.

Learn more about the Turnitin Partner Program.

Are you a Moodle customer interested in SimCheck?

Are you an organization looking to secure the integrity of your learning environment and students’ submissions? Ask your Moodle Partner or vendor about the Turnitin Partner Program.

Are you a Moodle Partner or provider? Get in touch with Turnitin

Turnitin is looking for expert Moodle Partners or providers interested in learning more about the benefits of teaming up with Turnitin to provide next-level value offerings, including Turnitin’s SimCheck, to their clients.

Do you want to inquire about the Turnitin Partner Program? Get in touch with Mark Harnor, Business Development Director at Turnitin: [email protected]

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