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The “Moodle Quick Bites” course by Instructional Designer from Australia Laura Apolo is a crafted reflection of nearly two decades of experience as a creator, Moodle admin, art therapist and counselor. It’s no wonder the 40+ bite-sized videos encourage mindfulness, creativity and excitement about the learning opportunities that Moodle puts in your hands.

And to celebrate LMSPulse 10-year anniversary, Laura is partnering with us to give free access to the ‘Moodle Quick Bites’ course on Udemy for lucky winners of our sweepstakes, ready to watch online on your desktop or mobile phone, or download and take it on the go through the Udemy app.

Your votes will determine the best plugins if the year in our annual ranking.

About the ‘Moodle Quick Bites’ course

Laura Apolo, who is also an Art Therapist and Intuitive Counselor at Quirky Forest —a “craft-inspired” space for self-exploration and creative expression in Canberra— has designed the course as a handy reference for the Moodle LMS. (Hence its “Quick Bites”name.) The 49 video-lessons are grouped in 9 sections:

  • Welcome to Moodle. An introduction to the LMS including, and a step-by-step guide to set up a free MoodleCloud site.
  • Moodle Essentials. Find your way around pages, menus and settings. Create a Moodle course.
  • Add content to your course. Become comfortable with the most common Moodle activities and properly organize them along the structure of your course.
  • Master completion tracking. Help your students keep track of their achievements in Moodle.
  • Dive into the Moodle Quiz. Create and manage Quizzes and Question Banks, and explore their vast possibilities.
  • The Gradebook. Add categories, edit and manage items, create custom grading scales and more.
  • User management. Create users on your Moodle, enrollment to the course, manage and automate.
  • User Groups and Groupings.
  • Helpful tips: Learn Autolinking, Duplicate and move items, “Login as” feature, Activity Completion Reports and Logs.
  • Bonus! Messaging in Moodle.

If you are ready to start learning Moodle and cannot wait until next year, the “Moodle Quick Bites” course is available for $99.99 AUD. Sign up for our newsletter (or update your info) and get a special discount before December 31st.

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