The Best Premium Plugins & Integrations For Your LMS In 2019


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In the first category of our “Best of Moodle” awards, we are witnessing the several ways entrepreneurs are figuring out sustainable business models that empower teachers and students, and create value to the experience of users, customers and service providers.

One key common trait: The ability to play nice in the Open Ecosystem. Whether open source or not, these solutions work across a variety of LMS and even with one another. So in these case, these category is not exclusive to Moodle. You can expect these winners to be compatible with the top players in the “LMS Space Race” including Totara, Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai and D2L.

We start with some editor’s picks before jumping on to our readers’ favorites.

CourseCRM, CourseIndex, CourseMerchant

This plugin family, the latter of which eponymous with the company behind them, are a comprehensive set of solutions not to just sell course, but run an elearning sales and marketing operation. Use the whole set across your sales funnel to centralize data and streamline you processes.

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Little is necessary to add for what is hands down the most popular reporting and analytics dashboard in education. Perhaps just that this year it saw a significant focus on visual and UX enhancements; and above all, its incursions on AI-infused assistant “Lisa” (nickname for Learning Intelligence Search Automation). Beyond its clear-cut learning management features, the value of IntelliBoard compounds with each of the integration partners that you enable.

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The former math equation display tool has come a long way, to become what is now the most comprehensive visual editor for the display of math and chemistry equations, solver and simplifier, graphical tool for charts and geometrical objects, and quiz creator and grader. Need more? Integration with dozens of LMS, EdTech and office suite products, tablet-friendly and an API make of WIRIS a must-have, or at least a must-consider tool for the creation of STEM experiences at any level.

Tip: Don’t forget to check out over 16,000 free algebra, calculus and physics exercises for your LMS, WIRIS-powered, at

WIRIS is a sponsor of LMSPulse

#5. BigBlueButton

Another massively popular elearning add-on, practically synonymous with open source live online classroom, decided not to rest on its laurels and brought a wealth of form and function improvements. Another highlight of the year has been Greenlight, launched in 2018, which increased in popularity due to its ability to leverage “BBB” for an outbound live meeting solution on the same server. Other important feautures in 2019 included the ability to type live closed captions, and movable webcams (reposition your webcam recording window anywhere on the screen).

It is also one of Moodle’s few Certified Integrators, which guarantees a seamless experience and support from service partners.

#4. Wooclap

The year started with a bang for Belgium-based Wooclap, creators of one-of-a-kind live classroom experiences that encourage seamless use of devices. It’s not only our opinion that Wooclap is one of the greatest innovations in the EdTech interoperable ecosystem as of late. The recognition as Brussels’ most innovative startup of the year in February (tagging along a a €500,000 cheque) speaks to the potential of live, online social and interactive learning.

#3. Motrain

Having gone deep into the inner workings and values behind gamification, Motrain and Mootivated (K-12 avatar creation platform) are ready to bring you into the next stage: Motivation Design. The reality is that students might enjoy coins or XP, but ultimately they are looking for a sense of meaning. Motrain, the Motrain Store and the companion app are Motivation Design tools, which have proven successful across HR departments, and increasingly so in the wide open space of customer education.

#2. Poodll English Central

Another Moodle staple from a hardcore Moodle veteran, EnglishCentral feels like a natural progression for the best audio and video recording for speaking and language learning solution in Moodle today. Fueled by the “Poodll Cloud” and AWS state-of-the-art voice recognition and transcription capabilities, EnglishCentral spots pronunciation issues at the word level, easy to point out by matching your student recording to a repository of thousands of videos. Integrated to the Moodle workflow and Gradebook, EnglishCentral is the missing piece that makes the whole language learning experience superior.

#1. Unicheck

After the controversies plaguing solutions designed to penalize cheating, often at the risk of disregarding reference practices or monetizing student work, Unicheck is a refreshing take. The solution focuses on the relationship between student’s original ideas and authenticity. Not only Unicheck is keen to change the public perception on a plagiarism checker, the Nicosia-based company is on a mission to protect original work and defend institutions from contract cheating.

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