10 Projects Under Review Finalizing Their Requirements For The July-Dec ’16 Moodle Users Association Development Cycle

10 Projects Under Review Finalizing Their Requirements For The July-Dec '16 Moodle Users Association Development Cycle

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10 projects are currently being reviewed by MUA membership and Moodle HQ to work on hammering out requirements in advance of the November 1st deadline. This phase of the development cycle, the 2nd to run officially and openly for the MUA, is a chance for all members to weigh in on, and contribute, details to projects which could be officially voted on and funded for development by MUA.

Each project requires detailed specifications for developers to estimate and act upon as part of the process for building and enhancing Moodle features.

This development cycle includes the following projects:

  1. Review Moodle User Experience – a project to reevaluate and review the Moodle UX (with an outcome of creating a list of suggestions and improvements)
  2. Send Scheduled Messages – a means of pre-scheduling a Moodle announcement or news post a la Buffer.
  3. Course ‘read only’ state – an archive function for Moodle courses.
  4. Re Proposed: Add custom fields (extend metadata) to various contexts – adding additional metadata and fields to courses, etc.
  5. Show Grade Statistics (including Grade Distribution Chart) of results per assessment item/category – statistics within the gradebook.
  6. Chapter level restrict access to the Book activity – enhancement to the restrict access within the Book module
  7. Exclude Restricted Activities From Grades – an enhancement to how the gradebook handles restricted activities.
  8. Improve the Calendar Interface – upgrade the Calendar to be more modern (like Google Calendar)
  9. Ability to set activity duedates relative to enrollment date – an enhancement to give students a prescribed sequence of due dates based on their own enrollment.
  10. Combine “Enrolled Users” and “Participants” list – eliminate one of two pages that accomplish basically the same thing.

If you’re interested in one of the projects listed above and believe that it would be a great addition to Moodle, you can provide your input and discuss with like-minded MUA members at If you’re not a member, join today!

Final voting for this cycle will start on/around December 1st.

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