162 Page Moodle Manual from @HowtoMoodle

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Here’s a 162 page resource compiled by Moodle Partner HowtoMoodle that covers a host of need to know Moodle processes for course creation and management in 2.5. Within the pages of Course Creator Essential 2.5 are easy keys to help you understand what you’re looking at (which view, if it’s an admin setting, etc.) and loads of information on anything from course creation, to specific use of various activities to conditional activities. While much of this information is available within the Moodle docs, this resource has helped to distill the information into one easy to access, free PDF that you can share with colleagues or just keep handy.

According to Ray Lawrence, Director of HowtoMoodle,

In the past I’ve written extensive Moodle manuals but the pace of Moodle releases and my work with HowToMoodle has restricted the time I have available to write them. HowToMoodle clients frequently ask if there’s a manual they can refer to as well as their course material so we decided to compile some of the great community generated help content into a convenient, professional, familiar format for them to use. We really wanted these Moodle manual resources to be freely available to help anyone working with Moodle so they can share them in electronic format or print them off as much as much as they like. We will have Moodle 2.6 and administration versions on their way soon.

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Note: HowtoMoodle is a supporter of Moodlenews

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