2 Chemistry Resources for Moodlers

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If you’re a Chemistry teacher you might be interested in two recent resources available through the network.images (4)

1. The first is EasyOChem Question Types for organic chemistry which include selection, drag and drop, Newman Projections, Fischer Projections, Lewis Structures and more. Each question type is explained in their entry at and at Scimersion ( While Scimersion offered a paid option, you can also download the question types from’s question type directory:

2. just published its newest free and open course to the community, Chemistry for Science Majors (which is a 2 semester course offered at Nicolls State University in Louisiana). Check it out at According to the description,

The topics for Exams 1-3 are covered in CHEM 105 at Nicholls.  The rest are covered in CHEM 106.   Videos of lectures, by Dr. Glenn V. Lo (professor of Chemistry), as well as other resources, are in the Internet Resources section for each topic.   Most of the CHEM 105 lectures were delivered via webconferencing to dual-enrolled early-start-eligible high school students in Morgan City High School (Spring Semester 2013) . CHEM 106 lectures were delivered live to a summer 2013 class at Nicholls.  The lectures are mainly based on the e-textbook by Lo and Janusa, CHEMISTRY: THE CORE CONCEPTS 2nd Edition.  The book (LJ) is not available in hardcopy format and is only available through Barnes and Noble’s free NookStudy ebook reader for Windows and Mac computers.

Professor Glenn Lo guides students through the course in a series of lectures. One of the first is embedded below (all are available on youtube or within the course at

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  1. Dear experts,
    we have Moodle 3.1, and I am looking for a viable way to write organic chemistry formulas by Atto editor for/in Quiz question.
    As I checked available Chemistry plugins, MarvinJS is commercial, and easychem plugins are for older Moodle 2.7 and lower.
    Has someone achieved typing organic chemistry formulas in Moodle 3.x ?

    Any help is appreciated.

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