3 Advantages Of Registering Your Moodle Site

3 Advantages Of Registering Your Moodle Site

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Perhaps you’ve noticed the stats section at (or have noticed the several times we’ve made reference to it) where you can see the top Moodle countries in terms of registered sites. The United States is number one, but perhaps more interestingly, Colombia and Italy are in the top ten, despite not being among the world’s largest or richest countries.)

Have you wondered how is this number built? A recent post at the official Moodle blog has the answer. There’s no mystery to it. Whenever you set up a new Moodle site, the last step of the installation asks you to register the site. You might have skipped over this if you’ve ever had the chance to install a Moodle site from scratch.

So if you’re wondering, “Should I register my Moodle site?”

Absolutely! If you are a site that is going to be used by any number of students to advance their learning, your Moodle deserves a place in the Moodle stats. Your learners deserved to be counted, too.

Other benefits of registering your site include:

  • Being notified when a new version of Moodle is available for download and upgrade.
  • Enable push notifications for messaging. Messaging in Moodle, as in any other system, requires a “messaging server” that handles and bridges the sender and the receiver of a message. Moodle offers, a dedicated server free to use for all registered sites.
  • If you want to help promote open source and open learning, registering will be a small but critical way to make the case for Moodle to more users and organizations around the world. If you’re concerned about the privacy of your site, you can register but not appear in your country’s list of Moodle sites. Moodle HQ pledges to be compliant with GDPR by the time the regulations become law.

If you have a running Moodle site, you can always register it by going to Site administration ➡ Registration. Moodle will check the status and availability of your site periodically to ensure the Moodle usage stats are accurate and up-to date.

Read “Why you should register your Moodle site” at

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