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downloadThere are three new short courses from the St Vrain Valley School District posted to available for you to download. The modules focus on Social Learning, Flipping the Classroom (or meeting), and Creating Video. Each can be downloaded and used on your own site. The courses were created as part of the districts 1:1 project and each count as 1-2 hours of teacher professional development.

Check out each via the links below:

  • Social Learning – Participants will complete this module with an understanding of the affordances and limitations of leveraging social media in formal learning spaces. EQ: How can social media help teaching and learning in my classroom? What resources are available for guiding and informing my thinking around the use of social media in the classroom? What are important considerations and implications of social networking in teaching and learning?
  • Flipping the Classroom (or meeting) – Participants will complete this module with an understanding of how a 1:1 student-to-device ration opens up their classrooms to the flipped classroom model of teaching and the pathways to resources available for assistance. EQ: What is the flipped classroom approach? What would it look like in my classroom? Where can I look to learn more about adopting this approach?
  • Creating Video – Participants will complete this module with a basic understanding of native video apps on mobile devices, iMovie, and the ways these tools can be leveraged for learning and creation. EQ: What video apps do I have on my device? How can I use these to improve teaching? How can I use these to improve learning and student creation?

Those courses and more are available for download from

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