3 Resources to help manage your #Blackboard to Moodle Migration

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It’s certainly a hot topic, so if you’re looking for some resources to move from BB to Moodle you’re not alone.  Here are three of the best resources available that might help ease your transition.  If you’re contracting with a Moodle Partner or skilled consultant, you may also be able to outsource complete course conversion to your new Moodle contractor.

However, if you’re going it alone, these resources might give you a hand converting courses to your shiny new LMS.

1. bFree:

bFree is a file extractor for your Blackboard course archive files. Basically it sets up a way for you to manage the complete course file system of Blackboard courses that have been archived and exported.  While it won’t help you recreate the course structure, any of the resources, activities or test banks it will let you manage the files you’re extracting and also claims that it can create a new webpage format of your course that will mimic the original Blackboard format (if that’s the case, you can simply use the link to a file/website to link to “index.html” to recreate the uploaded course and files within Moodle.

While I haven’t used this utility to convert a course personally, I have seen it in action at the Moodle Moot in Austin and it works as described.

2. LSU Course Converter:

Louisiana State University’s web-based course converter is one that I have used in the past.  While it creates a very easy to use interface, the shortcomings are similar to bFree (activities and quizzes won’t be recreated).  However with LSU’s utility you can convert the pages/content folders into topics or weeks in a Moodle course (which is handy); after the conversion you’ll have more than just a file directory to work with.

3. Colgate Moodle/Blackboard Comparison Matrix:

If you’ve been a long time Blackboard user, all the terminology and the variety of Activities and Resources within Moodle can certainly make your work more daunting.  Luckily Colgate has created and published a simple “matrix” that helps to illustrate what if a feature in Blackboard has a Moodle equivalent.  So if you want to know what Moodle feature accomplishes the “drop box” or “announcement” feature, this is a great site to visit.

Bonus: Moodle itself:

Believe it or not, one of  the best conversion tools exists in Moodle’s quiz engine.  The quiz activity quite easily converts exported Blackboard question pools (I can attest to the ease of use).  So while activities and resources might need a little manipulating to set them right within your new Moodle course, exam test banks should be exported individually from Blackboard and imported to Moodle’s “questions” area (you can even keep the same pool format). also has a great Blackboard migration page (on which some of these resources are highlighted)

Know another resource that teachers in the midst or planning a migration would find helpful?  Share it in the comments.

3 Responses

  1. We are in the middle of a big migration where I work and we have found that if you are running Blackboard 8 you will find no joy from such tools. The request we have the most is the migration of quizzes and have explored using Respondus but still have not found a solution. We are close to rolling our own script but lose images and links.

    The idea that you could just transfer your course to a completely different environment without revamping your logic and presentation seems naive to me. I encourage instructors to just download the course, extract it to a folder and take this opportunity to redesign the course for future growth. Once they get accustomed to the new interface and process the response has been very positive.

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