3 years after its Moodle acquisitions, Blackboard reflects on openness and open source

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Two recent blog posts from Blackboard have focused on the company’s contributions and ongoing plans for contributing to open source communities (namely Moodle) and pushing the envelope of openness forward through it’s involvement in IMS Global initiatives (LTI and Caliper).

Mark Strassman is the author of both posts and is the Senior Vice President, Industry and Product Management for the company. He mentions that Blackboard, since purchasing both Netspot and Moodlerooms in 2012 has become one of the largest core contributors to the Moodle community. Among their plugin contributions are Flexpage, Folder View, Advanced Forum, Dialogue, Engagement Analytics set, Grade History, Lightbox Gallery, and many more. In the tracker for core Moodle is a history of many bug fixes, contributed code, and enhancements.

According to the post both business are doing well, Moodlerooms even expanding recently to the UK and Europe

Moodlerooms and NetSpot, both healthy and growing businesses, have given us a way to do just that. Through an offering that simplifies and enhances the basic Moodle LMS, we have been able to help more than three million students and more than 800 schools be successful in meeting their unique needs and goals. This is directly aligned with our overall mission to reimagine education and offer solutions that change the way education is delivered and experienced.

…We serve the entire Moodle community and will continue to contribute funds, code and technology innovations, including accessible forums, the Moodle Outcomes system and numerous bug fixes.

I’m glad to continue seeing developments out of both Netspot and Moodlerooms (and even Blackboard keeping things fresh). Here’s to a better and better Moodle.


Note: Blackboard, Netspot, nor Moodlerooms are sponsors of

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