4 Of The Most Brilliantly Counter-Intuitive Insights From ‘Moodle Stories’ Business Cases

4 Of The Most Brilliantly Counter-Intuitive Moodle Insights From 'Stories' Business Cases

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Did you know that on the official site there is a vast repository of business cases? Titled “Moodle Stories“, this section provides illustrative examples about how organizations tackle on-the-job training, innovation, marketing, and product development. Taking a closer look at the latest cases published at, we find interesting, out-of-the-box thinking with Moodle at the core.

An obvious Moodle segment nobody talks about

Despite its reputation and proximity to industries, professional and trade associations do not feature often in education headlines. But cases such as the Custom Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia, which groups professionals involved in international commerce, reveals these associations are a hub of professional learning. There are countless professions where continuous training is not just desirable, but a requirement to perform. The Council has maintained a Moodle-based learning offering since 2009.

Transaction support systems are language interpretation systems

Sectors such as finance and banking are the subject of exhaustive regulation around the globe. While guidelines by regulatory agencies provide outcomes-based statements for institutions to comply with, it is up to them to define its practical implications. When compliance requires coordination between companies, the procedural chasms can suppose heavy hurdles. Australian payments solution Cuscal found that Moodle can be an efficient way to bring their partners up to their own level of understanding. As a result, partnering with Cuscal comes with the added benefit of efficient, flexible, high-quality training.

Ethical behavior is a factor of engagement in global networks

The Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation organization trains thousands of professionals from 160 countries, mainly in medical, pharmaceutical, and related research fields. This makes TRREE’s Moodle one of the largest in the world. For TRREE, it is a unique opportunity to leverage on network effects. Content uploaded to TRREE’s Moodle tends to become part of the larger conversation on ethics and research among the world’s top professionals. Furthermore, plugins and functionality deployed in TRREE’s Moodle give a unique testing opportunity for Moodle developers.

Robust, well-designed Moodle sites can speed up the response from national emergency systems

This case about Norway’s National Centre of Expertise for Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine illustrates the growing body of research on medical training as a cradle for learning innovation. It makes sense when we look at its attributes: A need for a fast, coordinated response; an always expanding, always on-review body of knowledge; and the clear and present role of ethical considerations. For these and other reasons, these fields play a role in learning and educational innovations today, very similar to that of war or the space race in the current state of our technology. If they are any indication of the future, an upcoming generation of LMS will be embedded on wearable devices, providing instant support to professionals.

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