4 ways to use Youtube with Moodle

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Youtube videos can be a good educational resource in any Moodle course. Teachers can use the youtube videos in their educational courses to enhance and develop their students’ understanding.
Here are 4 ways to use Youtube and Moodle in teaching about major historical events:
Flipped Learning: You can enable the youtube repository in your course and from within the course, you can search and embed youtube videos to the course and then make it as a must watch for students prior to a face-to-face class. This put the onus on them to take control of their learning and be prepared in advance so they can discuss confidently the issues raised.

Inserting Youtube videos
Inserting Youtube videos

Check understanding with a quiz and video: Simply asking your students to watch the videos without any focus willn’t give any good results. Combine short clips with quiz questions to ensure students concentrate on key aspects. Moodle allows you to specify start and end times when adding the Youtube video link, so different sections of longer movies can be used per question. Add your video to the description question type and use a variety of quiz question types so your students don’t suffer death by multiple choice. If you want to ensure they are thoroughly familiar with the content matter, use the interactive mode question behaviour.

Developing Empathy: Many Youtube channels offer many opportunities for developing students’ sense of empathy and social awareness. Add a Youtube clip such as Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech to an assignment and ask students to imagine they are in the crowd: how does he make them feel? What are their hopes for the future?
Student-generated content:  It doesn’t have to be the teacher adding Youtube to Moodle: students can make use of the media icon in the text editor to share and discuss in forum posts any useful clips they’ve found relevant to the subject. If you teach them how to set up their own channel safely, they can add related videos to their own playlists, and can even record responses to discussions on their mobiles or tablets, upload to their channel and link to a forum or assignment.


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