5 Of The Most Common Support Questions To The HowToMoodle Hotline, Answered

5 Of The Most Common Support Questions To The HowToMoodle Hotline, Answered

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Updated on May 29th, 2019

Official Moodle Partner HowToMoodle has given us a peek under their metaphorical customer support hood. In a blog post by Jamie Biddulph (no longer available), he showcase the five most common questions they receive from clients. We share them here, along with some additional resources.

#1. Can I let users create their own accounts?

As we explain here, users need to register on the Moodle site before they can enroll in a Moodle Course. An admin can enable self-registration, which adds a “Create new account” button on the login page. As Biddulph mentions, this is a common choice for companies where Moodle is the main interaction gateway, as opposed to an admissions office, for example. A word of advice: enable reCAPTCHA to protect your site against spammers.

Read the Moodle documentation on email-based self-registration.

#2. How can I monitor learner progress?

Moodle offers “Completion” options for Activities and Courses. When enabled, it gives students the option to display their progress in a course as they complete Activities. Teachers can set Activities to be optional or required and are able to access a dashboard with the progress of each student. But, completion is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the opportunities Moodle provides to closely follow student performance and behavior, thanks to a vast portfolio of analytics plugins and services.

Read the Moodle documentation on Course completion.

Read the Moodle documentation on Activity completion.

See a list of Learning Analytics plugins and third-party services.

#3. How do I place students on a learning path?

You can do this using the “Restrict access” options in Moodle. Restrict access is a powerful way to set up conditions to view Activities in a Moodle Course, taking a wide array of factors into consideration. To create a learning path that is easy for students to follow, the most common restriction is time, to make sure students complete a section’s Activity within a scheduled window. Another is the requirement that students complete previous Activities before advancing; you can even set it so students must achieve a passing score on assessment Activities before moving on.

Read the Moodle documentation on Restrict access.

#4. What’s the fastest way to add a lot of users?

Add many users with the “Upload users” option. Biddulph reports that the most tried and tested method at HowToMoodle is a CSV (comma-separated values) file, which can be made using a simple text editor or a spreadsheet application (our recommended choice). The “Upload users” method not only registers new users, but it can enroll them in one or several courses, give them special roles, and even assign them to specific groups or cohorts. In addition, Moodle offers “Bulk user” actions for existing users, which lets admins manage access and roles.

Read the Moodle documentation on Upload users.

Read the Moodle documentation on Bulk user actions.

#5. How can I download a copy of my Course?

Here, you need the the “Course backup” option. It allows you to download a complete Course into an MBZ file, which then can be uploaded to another Moodle site. You can choose to include content generated by students (from Activities such as the Forum or the Wiki), remove students’ personal information, or just get a “fresh” Course.

Read the Moodle documentation on Course backup.

As Moodle Partner, HowToMoodle offers life-cycle support and development services for Moodle, from hosting, to plugin and theme development, to learning strategy and consulting. Getting the support of a Moodle Partner means having expert support for an Open Source system, where access to the software is not limited to the contract. Becoming a Moodle Partner client is also a way to support the ongoing development of Moodle, as every partner commits 10% of their revenues to Moodle HQ.

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