Tools and Tips for Moodle Developers – Presentation by Dan Poltawski @Dan_p

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Dan Poltawski, Integrator at Moodle HQ delivered an awesome presentation for all Moodle Developers on the topic “Tools and Tips for Moodle Developers” during the MoodleMoot USA 2016 (#MootUS16).
The topic itself makes it clear that the presentation is meant for Moodle developers and intended for sharing some wonderful tips for development which will help developers in writing more efficient code for Moodle.
You can check out the presentation below:

Dan has mainly covered the following topics:

  • Debugging
  • Performance Debugging
  • xhprof
  • PHP Unit Tests
  • Behat Tests
  • Grunt
  • Code Linting
  • Moodle code linters
  • Linters for different editors like Atom, Vim, PHPStorm etc
  • Travis CI Moodle plugin
  • Moodle Development Kit (MDK)
  • Email testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Git

Another major announcement from the MoodleMoot US is that Moodle is going to adapt ESLint replacing jshint (MDL-52127).
Do you have any other tip for moodle development which you would like to share? Please feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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