6 Projects In The Running For MUA Second 2018 Project Development Cycle, More Likely Coming

6 Projects In The Running For MUA Second 2018 Project Development Cycle, More Likely Coming

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muaLittle more than a week is left for interested members to promote a project in the current edition of the Moodle Users Association Project Development Cycle. After a plea from Chair Emma Richardson, members stood up and within days one project turned into six.

Projects added to the Moodle Tracker as candidates in previous cycles can easily make a new submission and link to the existing issue. Any member can upload any existing project, they do not have to be the original candidate.

Here are the candidacies as of writing, and their descriptions:

  • Simplify activity chooser: Improve the user interface by allowing users to simplify the options in the activity chooser. Users can customize and streamline this list. Issue MDL-61511
  • MUA customizable report builder proposal: There have been several report builder plugins including Configurable Reports that have been well utilized by the Moodle community and would benefit from improved usability, an expanded feature set, and updated logic to suit recent Moodle releases. The community would benefit from a responsive customizable reporting tool integrated into Moodle core. Issue MDL-63233
  • Improvements to Marking Workflow: Allow double marking, automatic allocation of markers / second markers. Add features for controlling final grade and flagging high median and low samples for external moderation.
  • Provide a categorised pre-populated list of Quicklinks for feedback on an assignment: As a marker, I would like to have a pre-populated list of quicklinks on my Moodle courses that are ordered in categories so that I can make best use of my time when giving feedback. I would also like to be able to add additional personal quicklinks to this list and add them to existing or new categories.
  • Add ability to download all submissions into a zip file for an academic to review: As an academic, when a workshop activity is completed, I would like a single button/option to download all the submissions into a zip file in a similar way to the assignment activity “download all submissions in a zip” feature. I would also like to be able to download the reviews submitted by peers in the activity as an excel spreadsheet.
  • Add Common Cartridge and Thin Common Cartridge 1.3 Support to Moodle: Moodle currently supports IMS Common Cartridges conforming to the 1.0 and 1.1 version of the specification (Released May 2011). These have been superseded by version 1.2 and 1.3 (July 2013). Many textbook publishers (Such as Pearson, TCI, etc) who do not currently support LTI do support IMS-CC, but only the newer versions. Issue MDL-60803

Find the latest version here (requires membership). It includes quick access to past projects to simplify re-submission.

MUA 2018 July-December Project Development Cycle started on July 9th. Nominations season will end this Sunday, September 2nd. First voting round season will go between September 6th and 20th. After project finalization, Moodle HQ assessment and final voting, we will have a new winner on December 19th.

You can join the Moodle Users Association to submit your project and vote right away.■

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