A few tips on Moodle security (ReCaptcha, Passwords and more)

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Moodle security, especially in the classroom setting is very important.  There are always ways you can better secure your Moodle.  There are a few that you have direct control over while others you might not even know exist.

  1. Password difficulty: today in Moodle you can set various password requirements for new users to increase the level of security on your Moodle (especially identity theft/unauthorized use of another users account).  To manage the various password restrictions access your Administration block (as Admin) and click Security / Site Policies. []
  2. Captcha: you probably are familiar with Captcha as a way that other sites ensure you’re actually a person. It’s those funky looking letters that you’re forced to enter into the box (not knowing sometimes if that’s a Z or 2…).  Did you know you can enable and utilize Captcha on your site for self-registering users?  Captcha may be enabled as long as you are allowing self-registration on your site (that’s where you can turn it off/on; Users / Authentication / Email-Based Self-Registration).  To enter your public/private re-Captcha keys go to Users / Manage Authentication and look to the bottom of the page.  To read about the setup of Captcha check out our past post on customizing your login screen [customizing your login screen]
  3. Login Attempts: by default, users can only try to login 10 times in a row with 1 account before it becomes locked for 15 minutes (I discovered this the hard way). This security measure helps to thwart a user from repeatedly attempting to login with another person’s account [].
  4. Upgrade: in addition to these simple security measures, also advises all Moodlers to update their site to the best possible version available to prevent any other security vulnerabilities from being exploited on a site.  For more information be sure to follow for updates.

What other security measures do you employ at your site?  What are your best policies for preventing misuse?

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