Academy, Moodle’s Take On A Massive Open Online Course Platform

Academy, Moodle's Take On A Massive Open Online Course Platform

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An early version of Academy by Moodle, a platform looking to host free MOOCs for students around the world announced at last year’s MoodleMoot UK & Ireland, is now available at

Most of the content available at this point is a placeholder, but it shows some of the features designed to make Academy stand out in the competitive MOOC arena. It will be interesting to keep track of its future evolution, as well as the way it offers an edge against existing platforms such as Coursera and EdX, as well as the LMS current and future inroads into MOOC delivery.

Courses set up in Moodle’s Academy enjoy the countless advantages the LMS supports, including flexibility and a large number of Activities.

It is also possible to add Moodle plugins to a Course. From enhanced engagement through activities, better course management tools for instructor productivity, and even advanced Analytics to better keep track of student behavior at a large scale, Academy’s value proposition is the key Moodle elements it brings to users.

A special benefit for MOOC comes from its “massiveness.” With a large enough student base, a Course can perform advanced analytics operations, placing students into “control” and “treatment” groups for controlled-trial experimentations on navigation, layout, and even content, much like larger websites today.

While successful embrace of yet another MOOC platform is bound to be determined by traditional factors, such as ease of use, familiarity, usability, and features for both students and large course managers, above all, Academy’s success will depend on a healthy amount of high-quality content.

Check out the prototype at

For more information on the platform and partnership opportunities, go here.

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