Add personalized access to course activities/resources using dataform Availability dataformcontent plugin

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Itamar Tzadok, the maintainer of the Dataform module set has released a new plugin named Restriction by dataform content which is basically an availability plugin and can be used to restrict user access to an activity or section based on content of a designated Dataform instance in the course. The plugin requires the Dataform module plugin and is currently supported for Moodle 2.8.

Dataform Availability condition
Dataform Availability condition

The Dataform content condition requires a designated Dataform activity (dashboard) where the instructor will add entries to unlock the restricted activities and resources. The dashboard must have a field that can hold a reference to the restricted activity. The default reference type is the activity name. Accordingly the standard text field type and select field type can be used for the designated field. The field must have the reserved field name that is set in the condition configuration. By default the reserved name is ‘Conditional Activity’. The Moodle administrator can set a different reserved name via the admin settings or lang strings of the condition plugin.
Check out the complete discussion here.
You can also download a preset to use the dataform activity as dashboard from this link.

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