Adobe Flash will be continued with PoodLL for sometime

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Since Adobe flash is again in news because of a security threat that has Firefox blocking it and Facebook calling for its death, so what is going to happen with our popular PoodLL plugin and Flash?
Justin Hunt (the PoodLL guy) has posted on his PoodLL blog about the continued support for flash for sometime with moving to webrtc (html5 recording) in time for PoodLL 3 this year.
According to the original post:

Flash despite all the flak is still the best featured and cross browser consistent technology for in browser audio and video recording. Because of that and because iOS seems in no hurry to implement webrtc, I have put other things ahead of html5 recording for desktops. But that is no longer a sustainable position.

PoodLL will mostly run without Flash. All the widgets can run without flash (flashcards, stopwatches etc). And the audio/video recorders can be set to use file upload in place of flash recorders. For mobile that’s been the case for some time, because they usually don’t have flash, and because the camera/mic option appears on the file upload dialog. But for desktop that’s a pretty serious downgrade in functionality.
You can still turn off Flash for widgets, recorders and players –  see the “When to use HTML5″ section in the PoodLL filter settings.
Two of the three whiteboards are non flash. Literally Canvas and DrawingBoard.js. You can set the default whiteboard in the “Whiteboard settings” of the Poodll filter settings.
Read the full article here:

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