‘Advanced Forums,’ MUA’s Winning Project For Moodle 3.8; Moodle 3.9 Cycle Opens. Moodle Users Association February Newsletter

'Advanced Forums,' MUA's Winning Project For Moodle 3.8; Moodle 3.9 Cycle Opens. Moodle Users Association February Newsletter

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The votes just tallied up, and with a participation rate of 84%, the project, whose full name is “Improve Moodle’s Core Forums by incorporating features from Moodleroom’s Advanced Forums and Other Enhancement to Forum” has been the chosen one by members of the Moodle User Association.

The Project Development Cycle Moodle 3.8, or 2018 July-December, had its final round of voting extended until late January due to the decision to fast-track two projects into Moodle 3.6: Analytics for Quizzes and Extended Dashboard Customizations. The first one was MUA’s voted project, while the second was requested for funding and approval by Moodle HQ as it was in their development priorities.

The Moodle Users Association Of The Now (Moodle 3.6), And The Future (3.7 And 3.8). MUA Chair December Newsletter

The decision to rebrand the cycles, from the time they take place to the Moodle release that will feature the project, is also a testament of the confidence by MUA on the process, as well as on Moodle HQ.

As a result, Moodle 3.7 will not feature a MUA project.

In 2019, Nothing Will Bolster Collaborative Open Source, User-Centered Design & Development In Learning Like The Moodle Users Association

‘Advanced Forums’ is a much-needed dose of TLC for what is possible the most popular Moodle activity, and a Moodle staple. This project mixes ideas from two proposals, one about taking inspiration from Moodlerooms forums on usability, and other from Moodle Association of Japan’s Thom Rawson covering analytics and reporting. Additionally, Moodle HQ had slated plans to bring some upgrades to the Forums.

In terms of the roadmap, it is possible that Moodle 3.7 does feature some enhancements as part of the project, with the full revamp coming up in Moodle 3.8. MUA will provide funding for the development throughout the year.

The Moodle HQ Advanced Forums lead, Andrew Nicols, will join MUA’s next Town Hall on Tuesday, February 5th. Everyone can watch live.

More MUA news

The second Town Hall of the month, on February 12th, will feature Moodle HQ’s Bas Brands, who led the upgrade of the “Boost” theme and the introduction of “Classic” through the upgrade of the development frameworks, Bootstrap 4. Check out our Calendar of Events.

You can check out past Town Halls here.

The MUA Cycle 3.9 is officially open for business. Until February 28th, members can submit new ideas, or re-send proposals already existing in the Moodle Tracker. Details and requirements can be fleshed out later.

MUA will be present in the first MoodleMoots scheduled of the year: Japan (February 27th to March 1st, in Shizuoka) and UK & Ireland (April 15th to 17th). See our 2019 MoodleMoot Tracker.

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