And MoodleRooms New Name Is *Drumroll*

And MoodleRooms New Name Is

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Blackboard Open LMS!

A press release announced what still qualifies as a re-branding, which maintains the same logo but promises to accelerate “investment and development of the product.”

A sudden announcement last July informed the community and clients that Blackboard would be exiting the Certified Moodle Partners Program. In exchange for an official vouch from Moodle HQ and closer interaction in terms of development and roadmap, Partners commit 10% of revenues directly to HQ. Unique in terms of country presence and installations, and long thought to be the largest partner (Moodle does not reveal this information), Moodle Pty Ltd CEO and Majority owner Martin Dougiamas manifested no distress for losing the “declining” revenue stream.

Previously in MoodleNews:

While Blackboard, to date the only Moodle Partner with presence in 7 countries, and estimated to represent 50% of Moodle income from partners only a few year ago; is now free from the 10%-of-revenue partner commitment, it pledges to “continue to support the Moodle project.” In addition to the sizable monetary contribution, Blackboard’s open source engineers were also key development contributors. Perhaps the most notable is the “Snap” theme, among more than a dozen plugins, many of whom remain updated after the split. Recent innovations include plagiarism tool SafeAssign and next-gen accessibility solution Ally, available in Moodle beyond MoodleRooms, and highly regarded in their fields. Last but not least, they were recurrent sponsors of MoodleMoots, often the main one or in a country’s first.

According to the release, Blackboard is also committed to promoting open standards. They are one of the most active players in Open EdTech consortium IMS Global, and its prominence as an adopter of standards, from SCORM to xAPI, deserves recognition. Hopefully the remaining Partners will stand up to the many areas Blackboard led in the benefit of open learning through Moodle.

For more information and a 30-day trial, visit

Read the press release here.

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Probably a good idea they didn’t listen to people’s suggestions.

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