Check out this awesome new frontend: Greenlight for the most popular open source web conferencing- @Bigbluebutton

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The BigBlueButton team has launched a brand new front-end interface for the BBN users which allows a minimalistic interface to create or record meetings. The new front-end termed as “Greenlight” allows the users to:

  • Create a meeting
  • Invite others to the meeting
  • Join a meeting
  • Record a meeting
  • Email notifications when recordings are ready
  • Desktop notifications of others waiting to join (FireFox and Chrome)

Check out this awesome new frontend for the most popular open source whiteboard - Bigbluebutton @bigbluebutton
The quickest way to create a meeting with Greenlight

As announced by the BigBlueButton team, initially the focus was on building BigBlueButton itself and leaving the front-end to third parties like WordPress, Moodle, Sakai and other LMS’s available. Now with the launch of Greenlight, the BBN team:

wanted to provide a front-end make it easy for anyone to transform their BigBlueButton server into a stand-alone web conference system.

If you would like to know more about Greenlight and see it in action, check out this overview video below or else test it out on your own on this demo server.

If you would like to install it on your own server, check out the related Greenlight docs here. Check out full details about Greenlight here.

About BigBlueButton Project:

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. The project’s goal is to enable teachers to give remote students anywhere in the world a high-quality online learning experience.
BigBlueButton supports multiple audio and video sharing, presentations with extended whiteboard capabilities – such as a pointer, zooming and drawing – public and private chat, desktop sharing, integrated VoIP using FreeSWITCH, and support for presentation of PDF documents and Microsoft Office documents.
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