Back to School 2015: Go Mobile with your Classroom

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Each year we’ve focused a bit of our September posts to helping teachers get their academic year started right. Each day this week we’ll publish a simple trick, tip or resource list which we think will help to make it easier to use Moodle in the classroom and to use it better.

Moodle Mobile App ScreenshotThe world is mobile. Now. The train has more than left the building – it is well on its way to whatever Mobile 2.0 and beyond will look like (Wearables? Holograms?). More than a necessity, mobile access to information, application and interaction is a solid expectation – especially for those students entering classrooms this week.

The good news is that Moodle has you covered with Moodle Mobile. By ensuring that you’re using a compatible version with the newest mobile release (2.4 and later, 2.9 for the best experience), you can provide both your students and yourself with access to course materials, interaction, grading and a ton more. In addition to the standard “responsive” resizing and design that allows Moodle to be optimized for mobile device viewing by just using a responsive theme (like Essential), here is a selected list of features currently available with Moodle Mobile that you can look forward to:

  • Upload a picture into your private file area
  • Record an audio file and upload it into your private file area
  • Record a video and upload it into your private file area
  • Send a private message to a course participant
  • Download and view some course resources
  • Quick access to your course contents
  • View calendar events
  • Browse and download your private and course files
  • View forum discussions
  • Private messaging between users

As you’d expect, the Moodle Mobile app is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. And, if you’re wondering how to create a great mobile friendly course (or site), check out this slideshare from Moodle Moot Spain 2014 by Juan Leyva:

[slideshare id=42913190&doc=tipsforcreatingmoodlemobilefriendlycourses-sites-moodlemootspain2014-141221110524-conversion-gate02]

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