Back to School 2015: OER and free resources for your courses

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Each year we’ve focused a bit of our September posts to helping teachers get their academic year started right. Each day this week we’ll publish a simple trick, tip or resource list which we think will help to make it easier to use Moodle in the classroom and to use it better.

oer-logoBuilding a Moodle course from scratch can be a daunting class as you start your school year out. There are weeks and weeks ahead and perhaps a bit of uncertainty the further dates get out. However you plan to construct your course, don’t forget that there are loads of materials already created by teachers worldwide which might help to make your job easier. Open education resources for Moodle are available officially through (formerly known as the MOOCH). This site allows teachers and course developers to share and publish their courses available for enrollment or download to a repository where you can check them out or even download the Mbz file to restore to your own site. Additionally you can find published templates for the Database, Glossary, and Quiz modules which can be integrated directly into your Moodle course as well.

Open High School Courses: this Moodle based resource from Utah is an online charter school. Each course on the site is available as a Moodle backup file which you can download and use. There are 60+ courses available.

Open of Course: “Free and open content courses and tutorials” this site of OER provides openly licensed content and courses for download. Whether you’re looking for a video specifically or a full course this may be a good option. 70+ courses on various topics. Unique in it’s mission, FreeMoodle is MOOC hosting site where you can setup a class but it must be open to everyone. Get ideas for your own course or potentially find/collaborate in a global community accessible to your students as well. There are lots of courses already setup and enrollable.

OpenLearn: Open University’s free content and course site where 1000’s of hours of content and instruction are available for free to consume at your convenience. While the content cannot be downloaded and reused elsewhere, you and your students can get access to loads of materials online freely.


Know another great resource for course ideas, OER, or other free curated resources to use in the classroom? Please share in the comments.


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