Best Open Courseware Awards at the Japan Moot – enter by 2/15

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In addition to the free sharing of Moodle plugin code, the Moodle Association of Japan (MAJ) is promoting the open sharing of courseware based on Moodle.  As the MoodleMoot Japan in Okinawa approaches (, we would like to extend this invitation to members of the global Moodle community who would like to contribute.

As a special promotion, MAJ is holding the  “Best Open Courseware Awards”. Any person with a Moodle course useful for education in Japan is welcome to share it on the MAJ open courseware sharing site, also known as the MAJ Hub. When you contribute a course, it will be shared with MAJ members and the public at this site here:

You can share a Moodle course anytime, but the deadline to upload your course for the awards is February 15th—tomorrow! Winners of the award will receive a framed certificate, an MAJ cup, and one of these web icons for you to display (see below).


The purpose of the Hub is to collect and distribute free, open courseware for any school or teacher using the Moodle learning management system. The MAJ Hub is intended to focus on Japan-related courseware, produced in Japanese or English.  (Note: samples of commercial content are welcome at the MAJ Hub, but only those provided for free distribution are eligible for open courseware awards).

A courseware judging panel will start reviewing your courses on February 16th according to the following criteria:

  • The course is taught in Japan or useful for teachers in Japan.
  • The courseware is free and has no commercial licenses or fees.
  • The media in the courseware is public domain and requires no permissions or royalties to use it.
  • The courseware is interesting, engaging, and innovative.
  • The courseware contains useful assessment systems,
  • The courseware is appropriate for the ages and levels of the students.

Then on February 19th at the MoodleMoot Japan in Okinawa, the judging panel will meet and decide the winners: First prize, Second prize, Honorable Mention (x2). The framed certificates and cups will be awarded at the MoodleMoot closing plenary, on Friday, February 21st.  You do not have to be present to receive this award.

Special Bonus: Mug Cup for all contributors. Anyone who contributes and uploads a course will receive an MAJ Moodle mug cup as a prize at the Moot. We are especially looking for courses in fields such as Math, Science, Computer skills, Music, Corporate training, and High school subjects.

How to send your course: If you have a Moodle 2.5 or later course, you can follow the instructions on the MAJ Hub site to upload your course via “Publish” within your course. However, if you are unable to upload, contact Don Hinkelman <hinkel [at]> or Justin Hunt <bitwalkerjapan [at]> and they will assist you.  If you have a Moodle 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 or earlier course, you should send a backup file to Don or Justin.

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