Breaking – Moodle opens the analytics "Project Inspire" for Moodle community participation #Moodleinspire

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Learning analytics are coming soon to Moodle core with the start of the Project Inspire – the analyser tool will offer the next generation learning analytics. Now, the Moodle HQ team working on the Project is looking for the help from Moodle Community by collection of detailed data from many institutions.

How it will be different from others:

As we have reported earlier about the commencement of Project Inspire in this article, Project Inspire is another big project from the Moodle HQ team focusing to overcome the limitations of the existing learning analytics systems. There are multiple open source and commercial learning analytics software packages are available, however they suffer from one or more key limitations:

  • They are very general ”descriptive” analytics systems, requiring considerable skill to interpret
  • They make predictions based on very primitive indicators, such as logins or clicks, and/or
  • They rely on proprietary ”black box” algorithms that cannot be examined or validated by institutions.

Breaking - Moodle opens the analytics "Project Inspire" for Moodle community participation #Moodleinspire
Project Inspire by Moodle HQ will go beyond the descriptive analytics to offer powerful predictive analytics (in Phase I) and diagnostic and prescriptive analytics (in future phases).
In phase I of the project, the Moodle HQ team is seeking the community participation by sharing the data for further development. Since the data is very sensitive so extensive measures are in place to make sure the privacy and anonymity of participants. You can follow the measures before sharing your institutions data.
If you would like to be a part of the Project Inspire journey, you can take part in Phase-I and get involved with the Project inspire here –
What are your expectations with the new analytics project by Moodle HQ? I am pretty confident that Moodle’s own Project Inspire will be the best open source analytics solution around the world. Share your thoughts about the project with us in the comments section below.
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